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It really works!

"This product really works! The second we stopped swaddling - no more sleep! I tried these swaddle sleeves and we went from 20 minute naps to 2 hour naps - no joke! They are light enough that she can still move her arms, but heavy enough that she doesn’t wake herself up constantly from hitting herself in the face."

-Allison S.

Verified Buyer

Love, love, love

"Absolutely LOVE these Swaddle Sleeves. My son actually hates real swaddles. He always startles himself awake without one and these absolutely help that! He sleeps much better now and in turn I sleep much better. So grateful for these! 100% recommend!!"

-Bree D.

Verifed Buyer

Awesome product I truly believe in!

"My son started sleeping 6+ hours every night as soon as I started using these on him at 4 weeks old and that soon encouraged him to start sleeping 11+ hours!! They don’t slip down the arm or feel too heavy, he could still move his arms with them on, they just kept him for doing the jerk reflex babies do. Awesome product I truly believe in!"

-Chelsea S.

Verified Buyer

Comfort and Innovation

Swaddle Sleeves® make swaddle transitioning as easy as 1-2-3! They evenly distribute gentle pressure around baby’s arms through our Hug Cushioning Factor™, helping to suppress the moro reflex and soothe baby, and to encourage relaxation through deep touch stimulation pressure (DTSP), thus encouraging healthier and safer sleep all night long.

Safety First, Always

At Two Baby Bears and Co.™, we made sure that our materials are toxin-free, eco-friendly, and breathable for baby’s wellbeing and safety. Swaddle Sleeves® also underwent extensive and meticulous safety testing at certified laboratories, both voluntary and CPSC mandated, to make sure that we surpassed industry-level safety standards for infant sleep products.

Expert Approval

Designed for your baby and ours—from conception to development—safety has always been our main priority. Swaddle Sleeves® was developed in collaboration with pediatricians, pediatric physical therapists, pediatric sleep experts, and pediatric nurses to make sure that we brought you the safest, most effective product to help your baby drift off sleepily into dreamland.

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