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Why the different sleeves?

Use as a

Swaddle Transition
(or alternative)

Transitioning out of the swaddle doesn't have to be miserable any longer! Once your baby is rolling over or you feel that they are ready to leave the comfort of the swaddle, use any one of our Swaddle Transition Sleeves™ with our versatile body options to dampen the startle reflex and help baby get used to a less contained environment. Our removable sleeves safely act as a buffer against what remains of the startle reflex, and the best part is that you get to pick and choose. Try our different sleeves to find the perfect sleep solution for your baby!

More sleep for baby = more sleep for you. Win, win!

What comes next?

More Sleeves!

Well, those babies don't just stop growing after the swaddle transitioning stage, so we decided to grow with your baby! We know that some babies still love the coziness of having their arms covered, or others who love the comfort of their fingers as they go to sleep, and even others who like their hands covered so they don't scratch themselves silly. Whatever your baby needs, you can rest assured that we have your baby covered as they grow with our Beyond the Transition Sleeves™ collection!

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How do Swaddle Sleeves work?

By using a strategic layering technique in our sleeves, we have created the same effect of dampening babies’ startles as they transition out of the swaddle that you’re used to with our products, but WITHOUT adding ANY weighting. The dampening effect is created through the air pockets in our inner polyfill layer. Similar to what’s found inside a higher TOG wearable blanket, our puffy Swaddle Sleeves do not restrict movement, but do provide just an extra bit of reassurance to your little one as they transition out of the swaddle.

Another way to understand our proprietary layering method would be to imagine the puffy Swaddle Sleeves as being made of the same material of a wearable blanket with a higher TOG (thermal overall grade) rating, whereas our Mitten Sleeves would be classified as having a lower TOG rating.

Are the different sleeves safe for babies who are rolling over?

Yes, all of our sleeves (including Swaddle Sleeves™) are safe for babies who are rolling over since our products are not restrictive and not intended to continue to keep baby on their back once they do learn how to safely roll over. We do recommend to leave the mittens open in the puffy Swaddle Sleeves™ if baby is rolling over, or if your baby just loves the mitten cuffs, you can also switch over to our standard Mitten Sleeves™ at that point for additional comfort.

Are all of the sleeves interchangeable?

Yes, all of our sleeves are interchangeable. For example, let’s say you purchase the Swaddle Sleeves Sack™. With it, you get 2 sets of sleeves, our Swaddle Sleeves™ and Mitten Sleeves™. You can use either one (most parents prefer to start off with our Swaddle Sleeves™ and then transition over to the Mitten Sleeves™!), or you can also purchase our Add-On Star Sleeves™, for example, if for some reason your sweet baby isn’t taking to the Swaddle Sleeves™, without having to purchase a whole new product! As we grow, we’ll be offering bundle options for our sleeves, but currently, we only have our Add-On Sleeves™ as a purchase option so you can mix and match without having to buy a whole new product!

Why are there so many different body types and sleeve types?

We wanted to make sure we have each and every baby covered! One of the biggest problems our founder and mom of 6, Umma, had when transitioning her babies out of the swaddle was the lack of versatility in the swaddle transition products that existed on the market. We wanted to make sure we addressed every possible pain point that parents might have ranging from potential overheating concerns, to a baby not preferring a certain type of product, to a baby with hip dysplasia. Whatever your concern is, you can rest assured that we’ve thought of it. And if we haven’t, shoot us an email, and we’ll be sure to forward it to our Innovations’ Team!

Are these products safe for sleep?

All of our sleeves are safe for daytime and nighttime sleep due to their design and securely-zippered attachments. Our products are safety-certified and pediatrician-approved, and are in accordance with AAP guidelines for safe sleep. Not only have we undergone certified third-party laboratory testing and surpassed the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards, we also partnered with pediatric physical therapists, pediatric nurses, and pediatricians throughout our development and design process to ensure that you and your baby are getting the safest, most effective swaddle product possible. Our products have been approved by worldwide safety standards and verified through Intertek and SGS Testing, both of which are world-leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification agencies.

At Two Baby Bears and Co., you can rest assured that we will always put safety first, as evidenced by the immediate disposal of our weighted inventory (at a huge financial loss to the company’s detriment) as soon as the updated AAP safe sleep guidelines were released in June 2022. We believe that transparency matters, and our relationship with our parents and customers is of utmost importance to us.

Why are all of the sleeves zippered and removable?

Because as parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is to buy a product and have it just not work for your baby, and then be stuck with it! That is why we provide two different sets of sleeves with our Swaddle Sleeves™ products and also give you the option of removing the sleeves entirely so that 1) in case the product doesn’t work out for your baby, you can still use it as a standard sleep sack/bodysuit/pajamas, and 2) to give you and your baby multiple options of how to use our product in case your baby doesn’t like it one way. This is also why we sell our “Add-on Sleeves,” and 3) for longevity of use! It’s no fun when you can only use a product for a set amount of time and once that time is over, throw it in the dresser drawer never to be seen again. We want you to get the most use out of our products and be able to use them long after you’re done with the swaddle transitioning stage! 

Get Your Sleep Back On

Hug Cushioning Factor™ 

Our proprietary layering method calms baby and helps them feel as if they are wrapped up in your arms.

Snuggle Phenomenon™ 

Our various sleeves provide the reassurance that your little one needs to transition comfortably out of the swaddle and into the crib

Soothe Technology™

Soothes baby's involuntary reflexes to help keep them sleeping all night long.

Ready to sleep like a baby?