Why Swaddle Sleeves?

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Swaddle Transition

Once your baby is rolling over or you feel that he is ready to leave the comfort of the swaddle, use the Swaddle Sleeves® to dampen the startle reflex to help baby get used to a less contained environment. The light weight acts as a buffer against what remains of the startle reflex and helps your baby smoothly transition out of the swaddle and into the crib. This way, there’s no dramatic adjustment for your little one as their arms adapt to being completely free after being snuggled inside the swaddle for so long. More sleep for baby = more sleep for you. Win, win!

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Swaddle Alternative

It’s no secret that most babies sleep better while swaddled. But we know that not all babies like being traditionally swaddled. Use Swaddle Sleeves® as a swaddle alternative if your baby doesn’t like being cocooned in a traditional swaddle but still startles herself awake and needs that additional reassurance and comfort to sleep sweeter and better, all night long!

Experience the magic of Swaddle Sleeves

Hug Cushioning Factor ™

The gentle, evenly distributed weight helps baby feel as if they are wrapped up in your embrace.

Snuggle Phenomenon ™

Provides the reassurance that your little one needs to transition out of the swaddle and into the crib.

Soothe Technology ™

Calms baby’s startle and involuntary responses to keep your little one sleeping all night long!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our patent-pending, innovative sleep products encourage sounder, safer sleep in every part of your baby’s swaddle journey. Originally designed as a swaddle transition product, Swaddle Sleeves™ are the perfect solution to gently transitioning your baby out of the swaddle and into arms-free sleep as rolling over begins. The gentle weight due to the Hug Cushioning Factor™ helps to safely provide that snug, cozy feeling that babies still desire while leaving their arms and body free and unrestricted for more movement. Babies are left with having the freedom to move while still feeling secure and soothed without the risk of overheating. With the Swaddle Sleeves™, the transition is to arms-out sleep is gradual with minimal interruptions to baby’s sleep to provide the maximum comfort for your baby.

If your baby is the type who doesn’t like to be swaddled or cries whenever you try, use the Swaddle Sleeves™ as an alternative to swaddling and help you baby against premature awakenings due to the Moro reflex. When not swaddled, because of the startle reflex, your baby may experience a sensation of free falling and suddenly lift up their arms and legs while asleep. This causes a disturbance in your baby’s sleep cycle and interrupts your sweet baby’s peaceful slumber, causing them to wake up prematurely and scratch their face, squirm, inadvertently hit themselves with those tiny little hands, or—our personal favorite—accidentally take that beloved pacifier out of their mouth even though they were sucking on it vigorously a few seconds before!

We wanted to create a solution that would help to soothe the startle reflex and keep baby feeling like they were still being cradled in your arms while still giving them the freedom to move their limbs. Our gently weighted Swaddle Sleeves™ can give your baby that added security they need to sleep comfortably all night long. Your baby gets the best of both—they won’t be suddenly startled awake yet will still have the ability to comfortably move about their arms.

At Two Baby Bears and Co.™, we take sleep safety very seriously. Swaddle Sleeves™ have been designed according to the AAP’s (American Academy of Pediatrics) guidelines for safe sleep. Not only have we undergone certified third-party laboratory testing and surpassed the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards, we also partnered with pediatric physical therapists, pediatric nurses, and pediatricians throughout our development and design process to ensure that you and your baby are getting the safest, most effective swaddle product possible. In addition, we also made sure to get our product “mom-approved” by mothers nationally and internationally before bringing it to market. Moms are a vital component of the safety equation, and we knew we simply couldn’t launch until we got unanimous approval from moms just like you in order to bring your baby and ours the best and safest product possible. Visit our "Product Safety and Use" page for more info regarding our safety clearances.

Swaddle Sleeves™ are safe to use even after baby starts rolling over during tummy time/play time or in an arms-in swaddle due to their weight and bulky nature. They are safe to use UNTIL baby is able to roll over from back to tummy while wearing the Sleeves. We have found that babies typically take longer (about 7-8 months) to roll over while wearing the Swaddle Sleeves™ because of the way they are designed. As opposed to other transition products, we have designed the Swaddle Sleeves™ with stretchy fabric so that there is more give around the elbow joint for baby to be able to safely roll over from back to tummy and still be able to push themselves up if they do roll over while wearing the Swaddle Sleeves.

In our testing, we found that babies who are able to crawl can easily flip over from back to belly and start crawling without any hindrance while wearing our product. However, it is important to remember that your baby rolling over in the Swaddle Sleeves™ is a sign that baby is no longer disturbed by the moro reflex and is ready for complete movement and control of their limbs while asleep and awake. Thus, we recommend that you remove one gently weighted sleeve and replace with a Mitten Sleeve (if the product you bought comes with it) for as long as your little one needs. If your Swaddle Sleeves product does not come with additional Mitten Sleeves, then you should keep the Swaddle Sleeves on one arm and leave the other arm free.

We have products ranging for babies 0-24 months. Check out our SHOP PAGE for further details on each product.