Swaddle Sleeves Sack™ & Mitten Sleeves Set


Get your sleep back on with the magic of the Swaddle Sleeves Sack™

Our gently-weighted sleeves are perfectly calibrated to soothe your baby’s startles for longer and better sleep, all night long!

  • Wearable blanket designed to be worn over pajamas and can also be used with weighted sleeves removed for arms completely free or with our Mitten Sleeves attachment!

  • Hand-crafted for the highest quality with individual pockets inside the sleeves for even weight distribution 

  • Zippered sleeves are only lightly weighted so your little one can still have the freedom to roll around and pull up if desired, or you have the option of using our Mitten Sleeves at that point for additional comfort and coziness

  • Small and Large sizes come standard with the gently-weighted sleeves. X-Large comes standard with our Mitten Sleeves

 Get a second as a gift, or as a laundry backup with our Bundle and Save option!

We love it!

"Our baby started rolling pretty early so we were forced to stop swaddling. But that Moro reflex was still strong and led to a lot of disturbed sleep for our little one. This is perfect for our baby as it stops the startle reflex and allows everyone to get restful sleep. We’re even purchasing another to use at daycare! We highly recommend this! We love it!"

-Kylie D.
Verified Buyer
Win, win for all of us!

My 3 month old hated to be swaddled and always broke free of every kind we tried. We wanted to try and transition him out of it, and we tried so many different products and none worked as well as the Swaddle Sleeves Sack! The weighted arms helped with his startle reflex and he still could have his arms free. Win, win for all of us! Day 2 it only took 5 minutes for him to put himself to sleep! I am one happy and proud mama! Thank you for a great product and coming to our rescue--just wish I would have found this sooner!"

-Jennifer B.
Verified Buyer
Mama LOVES her sleep!

"I had significant anxiety about transitioning my swaddling-loving 4 month old. I bought every type of swaddle and transitional item on the market (Mama LOVES her sleep!) and this was the one that did it and had him sleeping soundlessly through the night after two days."

-Jacqueline H.
Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Kelly Marx
Baby loves it!

This was the easiest transition from swaddle to sleep sack! My baby absolutely loves this and is sleeping 11-12 hours a night!

Katrina Given

We are going through a sleep regression right now and I love how swaddle sleeves has helped keep our daughter warm and provide her with an extra secure feeling.

Kristin Key
Pleased consumer

After trying several sleep sacks I was a bit skeptical but we are very please with swaddle sleeves. It took a few naps to get use to not being swaddled but our 3 month old loves It and gets longer naps than she was before!

Mackenzie Rowekamp
Wonderful transitional item

We had to drop the swaddle at 12 weeks and this has been a great item to aid in that transition. We tried another swaddle transition product and it went terribly…these weighted sleeves and double zipper are so much easier to use and I’m happy that we can still use this as a sleep sack in the future when we are done with the weighted sleeves.

Sharon Doucet
Love the weighted sleeves!

Great sleep sack for transitioning out of the swaddle. My 3 month old had a very strong startle reflex but the weighted sleeves kept him snug and still. Love the double zipper for nighttime diaper changes and how easy it is to wash too.

Megan Miller

The sleep sack is amazing! Although the arms are a little too big for my guy and we have to roll them.

Lily G.

I was struggling to transition my 12 week old out of his swaddle. He had shown signs of rolling, but still had a very strong startle reflex. The weighted sleeves are like magic! Lengthened our nap times and helped with nighttime sleep!

Goodnight Charley Sleep Consulting
Turner a good sleeper into a great sleeper!

As a sleep consultant I knew my little guy had a good sleep foundation. He was doing pretty decent stretches for 2 months old, but not unlike many parents I wasn’t looking forward to unswaddling him. First night with our Swaddle Sleeves Sleep Sack and I got just shy of a 10 hour stretch. 10 hours! It was amazing and he woke up SO happy!

Corynne Lurie
Great Transition

Love the swaddle sleeves for transition babe from swaddle. It gifts her a lot of freedom with some weight to help with startle! I think it will make sleep sack transition MUCH easier than the alternatives!!

Megan Nathan Ziemke
Sleep has returned!

We tried to move directly from a swaddle to a sleep sack, and our little guy just wasn’t ready. I tried other products that seemed too warm for a summer night before discovering swaddle sleeves. They are weighted enough that he isn’t flinging his arms around all night, but light enough that he can continue to move well and suck on his hands. I don’t want to jinx it, but we have had four nights in a row of 10+ hours of sleep for our four month old. He wakes up well rested and happy, and so do mom and dad.