Swaddle Sleeves Sack™ & Mitten Sleeves Set


Fantastic transitional product!

"As a baby sleep expert, neonatal nurse, and mom of 4, I recommend Swaddle Sleeves as a fantastic transitional product for babies."

-Cara, Taking Cara Babies

Highly recommend!

“As a pediatrician and a mother of two boys who had sleep issues, I highly recommend this product. [It] is wonderful to help with that transition and prevent awakening from normal reflexes. Swaddle Sleeves will help give everyone a good night's sleep!”

-Navneet Brar, Pediatric Emergency Medicine MD

Awesome product!

"My son started sleeping 6+ hours every night as soon as I started using these on him at 4 weeks old and that soon encouraged him to start sleeping 11+ hours!! They just kept him for doing the jerk reflex babies do. Awesome product I truly believe in!"

-Chelsea S., Customer

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How do Swaddle Sleeves work?

By using a strategic layering technique in our sleeves, we have created the same effect of dampening babies’ startles as they transition out of the swaddle that you’re used to with our products, but WITHOUT adding ANY weighting or restrictive design. The dampening effect is created through the air pockets in our inner polyfill layer. Similar to what’s found inside a higher TOG wearable blanket, our padded Swaddle Sleeves do not restrict movement, but do provide just an extra bit of reassurance to your little one as they transition out of the swaddle. Another way to understand our proprietary layering method would be to imagine the padded Swaddle Sleeves as being made of the same material of a wearable blanket with a higher TOG (thermal overall grade) rating, whereas our Mitten Sleeves would be classified as having a lower TOG rating, but without any added restriction in sewing or design. 

This item is not intended to keep baby on their back or to prevent baby from moving their arms. This item does not “weigh” baby down, so please don’t be discouraged when baby can still engage in developmentally appropriate movements and rolling over. Any item that "pins" baby down in a certain position is not a safe item to use for sleep. Swaddle Sleeves are only meant to provide your baby with a gentle buffer as they transition out of the swaddle. Safety is and will always be #1 for us. 

Are all of the sleeves interchangeable?

Yes, all of our sleeves are interchangeable. For example, let’s say you purchase the Swaddle Sleeves Sack. With it, you get 2 sets of sleeves, our Swaddle Sleeves and Mitten Sleeves. You can use either one (most parents prefer to start off with our Swaddle Sleeves and then transition over to the Mitten Sleeves!), or you can also purchase our Add-On Star Sleeves, for example, if for some reason your sweet baby isn’t taking to the Swaddle Sleeves, without having to purchase a whole new product! As we grow, we’ll be offering bundle options for our sleeves, but currently, we only have our Add-On Sleeves as a purchase option so you can mix and match without having to buy a whole new product!

Are these products safe for sleep?

Our products have been designed according to the AAP’s (American Academy of Pediatrics) guidelines for safe sleep. Not only have we undergone certified third-party laboratory testing and surpassed the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards, we also partnered with pediatric physical therapists, pediatric nurses, and pediatricians throughout our development and design process to ensure that you and your baby are getting the safest, most effective swaddle product possible. Our products have been approved by global-wide safety standards and verified through Intertek and SGS Testing, both of which are world-leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

At Two Baby Bears and Co., you can rest assured that we will always put safety first, as evidenced by the immediate disposal of our weighted inventory (at a huge financial loss to the company’s detriment) as soon as the updated AAP safe sleep guidelines were released in June 2022. We believe that transparency matters, and our relationship with our parents and customers is of utmost importance to us.

Why are all of the sleeves zippered and removable?

Because as parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is to buy a product and have it just not work for your baby, and then be stuck with it! That is why we provide two different sets of sleeves with our Swaddle Sleeves products and also give you the option of removing the sleeves entirely so that 1) in case the product doesn’t work out for your baby, you can still use it as a standard sleep sack/bodysuit/pajamas, and 2) to give you and your baby multiple options of how to use our product in case your baby doesn’t like it one way. This is also why we sell our “Add-on Sleeves,” and 3) for longevity of use! It’s no fun when you can only use a product for a set amount of time and once that time is over, throw it in the dresser drawer never to be seen again. We want you to get the most use out of our products and be able to use them long after you’re done with the swaddle transitioning stage! 

How do I know which product is right for my baby?

We wanted to make sure that our products were not only safe and functional, but also practical and easy to use for parents. Take our Product Quiz to find the perfect product for your baby!

Are sleep sacks with sleeves safe?

Sleep sacks or wearable blankets with sleeves are safe as long as the infant is dressed appropriately for the temperature. We recommend that parents follow the AAP's guidelines for a safe and comfortable room temperature. The recommended temperature for babies is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Experts recommend to check the back of baby's neck to see if your little one is warm instead of their hands or feet for a more accurate reading. Another helpful measure for temperature is to dress baby in just one more layer than what you are comfortable wearing. Finally, we have multiple sleeves options that come with an optional mitten cuff, so you have the option to leave the hands open or covered depending on your little one's comfort!

Customer Reviews

Based on 293 reviews
Settles Excited Arms

Our little one could roll and needed his arms out for sleeping. Other sleep sacks he has tried allowed his arms to move too much, causing him to wake up. The swaddle sleeves on Two Bears is the answer we have been looking for! The swaddle sleeves allow full movement for rolling, but the padding slows down his arm movements and makes transferring a sleeping baby to the crib lots easier. We have already purchased 2 more sleep products with a variety of zip sleeves. It worked for our baby, hopefully it helps your baby! 10/10 recommend.

Helped us transition from swaddling

I was so nervous about transitioning out of the swaddle and didn’t want to use a big heavy bodysuit like the Merlin because it’s way too hot where I live for that. I was SO grateful to have found this product! It doesn’t restrict my kiddo at all, he can still get his fingers to his mouth easily, but it helps him sleep better without being woken by the startle reflex. Highly recommend!

Baby boy loves it

My baby has a very strong startle reflex and At 6 weeks I started researching swaddle transition products dreading having to transition him out of his swaddle at 3 months. I thought that trying this out earlier may go smoother and I was right! I love how he is free to move his arms but still feels secure enough where he doesn’t startle himself awake. Our room gets pretty hot so the thinner sleep sack material is also a plus. He is now 10 weeks old and has successfully been using this a few weeks and I feel like he doesn’t miss being swaddled at all!

Ashley Swartz
Good for a safe transition

I purchased the sleep sack with the swaddle sleeves because my little one started rolling early and I needed to transition out of the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. I love that this sleep sack is safe for rolling babies and I can use for a long time. It was a struggle to transition into and took about a week. But it’s better than going cold turkey from the sleep suit to nothing. The sleeves do seem to help with the lingering Moro reflex. My baby hates putting it on; getting her arms in is a little tricky. And the price is very steep. However, it seems to work and she slept through the night a week after using. Also, the peace of mind knowing she is safe if she rolls is worth it.

Hi Ashley! Thank you for your review.

Pro-tip for the sleeves: put your hand inside the sleeves throigh the mitten cuff, and gently guide your baby's arm through until it reaches the bottom of the sleeve. Hope this helps!

100000 times better than the Merlin Sleep Suit and Any Others

I wish I bought this sooner. My little girl loves sleeping in her sleep sack. I bought this and the Merlin sleep suit desperately and the Merlin sleep suit doesn’t even come close to the magic and comfort the Baby Bears one brings. I love how my little girl’s legs are free and she can kick and hold them apart or together unlike other sacks. Highly recommend to all mamas whose babies are going through the thick of the traditional swaddle to free sleep transition

Tara Batey
Wonderful sleep sack

This was a wonderful purchase! The sleeves really help my baby not startle herself!

Love it!

Wonderful product and wonderful customer service. My little guy had a hard time coming out of the swaddle, especially with his reflex still. This settles his arms but still lets him go to his side and roll on belly if he wants to! Thank you for sharing your story and making a wonderful product to help families!

Happy baby!!

We have a very happy baby in her swaddle sleeves!! I began sleep training with this sleep sack and it has been a huge success! I upgraded to the 2.5 tog because my house tends to be colder in the wintertime and my baby is so warm and comfortable. Highly recommend as a transition from swaddle to sleep sack!

Baby approved!

She sleeps great in her sleep sack, and the mitten sleeves keep her arms and hands warm. We love it!

The best transition product

I couldn't recommend the swaddle sleeves highly enough! I wish I'd had this product for my first born - he loved being swaddled and the transition was a nightmare. We go the swaddle sleeves for our newest arrival, who also loved to be swaddled, and it was a complete different experience. He was able to self settle much more easily and slept through the night as per usual. Thanks umma for such a wonderful product!