"Fit Check!"

Make sure you have purchased according to baby’s weight.
Your baby needs to meet the MINIMUM weight requirement of the product.   Please DO NOT size up!  (It’s tempting, I know. But safety is #1)
Sizing up = not safe for your little one   1. There may be excess fabric around your baby’s neck or mouth   2.  The sleeves may be too big or long, making it difficult for a rolling baby to safely roll over
What Should a good fit look like?
baby sleeping crib
baby blue heart crib sleeping
baby sleeping crib safe sleep
What does a poor fit look like?
baby hand sleeve showing
baby sleeping yellow heart

Swaddle Sleeves: If arms are “swimming” inside the sleeves and fingertips/hands are not reaching the mitten cuffs, this item is too big.

Swaddle Sleeves: If your baby is an active roller (back to belly), make sure that your baby’s hands are peeking out and that the cuffs are OPEN.
Swaddle Sleeves: If your baby is an active roller (back to belly) and loves having their hands enclosed, transition to the Mitten Sleeves or the Star Sleeves for that extra coziness.
We do have weight ranges for our products, so if your little one is on the lower end, you may have to roll up the mitten cuff. This is safe to do. We do not recommend more than one “roll back.”
If tips of baby’s fingers are more than 2 inches away from the edge of the sleeve, then the item is too big.
Want to double-check with us? Email us a full-body photo at care@twobabybearsco.com