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In the last several weeks of pregnancy, the baby curls up into what we know as the fetal position and is in a state of continuous touch and comfort inside the womb. Emerging from that warm cocoon-like environment, newborns usually have a difficult time adjusting to the outside world. Along with skin-to-skin and snuggling with baby during feeds, swaddling is a way to help your little one feel secure and calm.

When born, babies finally have the freedom to move their arms and legs about, but still don’t have the developmental maturity of being able to move their limbs about with purpose. Swaddling helps to keep babies from being disturbed by their own startle (Moro) reflex that leads to confusion, crying, and premature awakenings. If done correctly, swaddling may help your baby feel safe, settled, reduce the likelihood of SIDS, and even help to reset your baby’s circadian rhythm and, in turn, promote better sleep for both you and baby.

Meet our gently-weighted, safety-certified swaddle transition product. Swaddle Sleeves™ gives baby that reassuring feeling of being hugged or cuddled by mirroring a parent’s touch and exerting Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS), which encourages the production of melatonin, dopamine, and serotonin, the naturally occurring sleep and relaxation hormones, which in turn helps baby feel rested and able to eagerly meet their developmental milestones during their awake times. The gentle weight dampens the moro reflex while helping baby relax and gently drift off to sleep into the night. It also helps to keep baby cool and comfortable, and provides a relaxing and calming effect to help achieve a deeper and better night’s sleep. The gentle pressure of the Swaddle Sleeves™ gives baby the feeling of being hugged or swaddled and a sense of warmth and safety, only second best to being snuggled up in your arms.

Our patent-pending, innovative sleep products encourage sounder, safer sleep in every part of your baby’s swaddle journey. Originally designed as a swaddle transition product, Swaddle Sleeves™ are the perfect solution to gently transitioning your baby out of the swaddle and into arms-free sleep as rolling over begins. The gentle weight due to the Hug Cushioning Factor™ helps to safely provide that snug, cozy feeling that babies still desire while leaving their arms and body free and unrestricted for more movement. Babies are left with having the freedom to move while still feeling secure and soothed without the risk of overheating. With the Swaddle Sleeves™, the transition is to arms-out sleep is gradual with minimal interruptions to baby’s sleep to provide the maximum comfort for your baby.

Yes! The Swaddle Sleeves are the perfect solution to help your baby get through this regression, especially since for many babies, this is the time that they may be learning how to transition out of the swaddle as well. With the Swaddle Sleeves, you can keep calm and sleep on.

If your baby is the type who doesn’t like to be swaddled or cries whenever you try, use the Swaddle Sleeves™ as an alternative to swaddling and help you baby against premature awakenings due to the Moro reflex. When not swaddled, because of the startle reflex, your baby may experience a sensation of free falling and suddenly lift up their arms and legs while asleep. This causes a disturbance in your baby’s sleep cycle and interrupts your sweet baby’s peaceful slumber, causing them to wake up prematurely and scratch their face, squirm, inadvertently hit themselves with those tiny little hands, or—our personal favorite—accidentally take that beloved pacifier out of their mouth even though they were sucking on it vigorously a few seconds before!

We wanted to create a solution that would help to soothe the startle reflex and keep baby feeling like they were still being cradled in your arms while still giving them the freedom to move their limbs. Our gently weighted Swaddle Sleeves™ can give your baby that added security they need to sleep comfortably all night long. Your baby gets the best of both—they won’t be suddenly startled awake yet will still have the ability to comfortably move about their arms.

Yes! This is why we created our Swaddle Sleeves Pod. Many of our customers have told us that they have used the Swaddle Sleeves for exactly this purpose. If your baby wants their arms out and not pinned to their sides as in a traditional swaddle but also doesn’t like their arms up by their face, Swaddle Sleeves™ can help by giving your little one some freedom to move their arms while making sure that they don’t wake themselves up by accidentally scratching their face or their arms suddenly flailing about. Our Swaddle Sleeves Pod is the only convertible swaddle that functions as a true swaddle or a swaddle transition product. Use it with the gently-weighted sleeves on if your little one doesn't like to be traditionally swaddled.

We wanted to make sure that our product was not only safe and functional, but also practical and easy to use for parents. The snaps are there to make sure you don't accidentally misplace a Sleeve when not in use or when you're out and about and need to put the Swaddle Sleeves in your bag.

Product Use

We have products ranging for babies 0-24 months. Check out our SHOP PAGE for further details on each product.

We know laundry is an important part of any household with little ones, so we wanted to make sure washing the Swaddle Sleeves™ was as easy as possible: Make sure sleeves are attached. Wash on the normal cycle in cold water with a mild, baby-safe detergent, and tumble dry on a low-heat setting. Finally, dress your baby in their Swaddle Sleeves for a one-stop ticket to dreamland.

Yes! We included dual-sided zippers on each one of our products exactly for this reason. We see you, moms and dads!

We recommend at least two (2). Have fun with it! For example, you can either purchase two of one product, or you can try a couple different Swaddle Sleeves' products to see which one your little one likes best. The best part is that we have included mitten sleeves with each of our products, too, so if it doesn't work out for your little one, you can still use the product with just normal sleeves!

An advantage of Swaddle Sleeves™ over other swaddle transition products is that they can be dressed up or down depending on how hot your baby normally runs, or depending on the season and outside temperature. You can choose the Swaddle Sleeves' product that is best for your little one based on the season/temperature. Is it currently summer where you are? Try our Swaddle Sleeves Footie or Bodysuit! Is it winter and you want to keep your baby layered? The Swaddle Sleeves Sack is perfect for your little one. Since our cotton blend fabric used is ideal for hot or cold weather and helps to keep baby from overheating, we suggest that you use your discretion as a parent and knowledge of your baby to determine what the best layering option is for your little one. It is important that parents adhere to the ideal safe sleep temperature guideline for babies, which is 68-72 F. For further help, always consult with your child’s pediatrician to determine the best way to dress your baby for sleep.

Swaddle Sleeves™ are designed to help babies transition to arms-free sleep with the slightest of sleep disruptions and maximum sleep comfort. As with anything new, your baby may take a few days to adjust. We have found that most babies sleep better on their first run with the Swaddle Sleeves™, but for those babies whose sleep isn’t showing signs of improvement immediately, we suggest a more compassionate approach. We recommend slowly introducing Swaddle Sleeves™ for naps before using for nighttime sleep. Also, it is important to give your baby a period of two to five days to acclimate to their new sleep environment, especially if you are introducing Swaddle Sleeves™ as you’re transitioning baby into the crib. Give your little one a few days to settle and become acquainted with the new way of sleeping, and soon enough, once baby gets used to our Hug Cushioning Factor™, your baby will soon become a champ at sleeping!

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Swaddle Sleeves™ are equally effective for both nighttime sleep and naps. With everyday use, your baby will quickly develop a sleep association with the Sleeves and they will soon become an integral part of your baby’s sleep routine.

Product Safety

At Two Baby Bears and Co.™, we take sleep safety very seriously. Swaddle Sleeves™ have been designed according to the AAP’s (American Academy of Pediatrics) guidelines for safe sleep. Not only have we undergone certified third-party laboratory testing and surpassed the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards, we also partnered with pediatric physical therapists, pediatric nurses, and pediatricians throughout our development and design process to ensure that you and your baby are getting the safest, most effective swaddle product possible. In addition, we also made sure to get our product “mom-approved” by mothers nationally and internationally before bringing it to market. Moms are a vital component of the safety equation, and we knew we simply couldn’t launch until we got unanimous approval from moms just like you in order to bring your baby and ours the best and safest product possible. Visit our "Product Safety and Use" page for more info regarding our safety clearances.

Our mission was to find the safest material and fabric without sacrificing on comfort for your baby and ours. The weighting component used in the Swaddle Sleeves™ is revolutionary in its composition. To add the Hug Cushioning Factor TM to the Swaddle Sleeves, we used non-toxic, safety-certified, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly glass beads that are shatterproof and commonly used in weighted blankets for kids with sensory needs and closely resemble sand (except our beads are even rounder and smoother with no microscopic jagged edges) in texture and composition. As opposed to plastic poly pellets, our beads are cooling instead of heat-retaining, much quieter, and provide more comfort and safety to the baby without the added chemicals, odor, and environmental hazards that are commonly associated within plastic particles. Rest assured, we went through several additional rounds of mandatory and voluntary safety testing to make sure that our manufacturing materials met the most stringent, rigorous rounds of quality and safety control in order to bring you and your baby the best and safest product possible.

As long as the infant is dressed appropriately for the temperature, swaddles and sleep sacks with sleeves are perfectly safe. Since your baby can't exactly tell you how they feel, it's up to you as a parent to find the right room temperature and use your judgment with help from the AAP's guidelines for a safe and comfortable room temperature. The recommended temperature for babies is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Experts recommend to check the back of baby's neck to see if your little one is warm instead of their hands or feet for a more accurate reading. Another helpful measure for temperature is to dress baby in just one more layer than what you are comfortable wearing. Finally, our Swaddle Sleeves come with an optional mitten cuff, so you have the option to leave the hands open or covered depending on your little one's comfort!

We used a high quality stretchy fabric blend—cotton and elastene—that is ideal for all seasons and temperatures and is designed to keep baby cool, comfortable, and prevent the risk of overheating. We designed our product with soft, stretchy fabric so that once your baby is able to roll over in the Swaddle Sleeves™, the stretchy fabric gives added flexibility so your little one can use their arms to extend/distend their elbow in order to easily lift their chest, move their head side-to-side, and get into the crawling position comfortably and safely if desired. Once your baby is rolling over in the weighted sleeves, remove the sleeves one at a time and transition to one weighted sleeve and one Mitten Sleeve for a seamless transition! See our "Transitioning Demystified" section below for more info.

Safe sleep is at our core, and we recommend following the ABCs of sleep: Your baby should always sleep Alone on their Back in the Crib. It is also important that the bedroom temperature is kept between 68-72 F, baby lays on a firm mattress, and that the crib is free of any blankets, bumpers, or pillows. As an additional safety precaution, you may also give your baby a pacifier while sleeping and leave a fan running in your baby’s sleep environment. For more safe sleep tips, please visit our "Product and Sleep Safety" Page.

The Snuggle Phenomenon™ in our Swaddle Sleeves™ provides the benefits of traditional swaddling, but without the restraint and confinement that normal swaddling entails, making it car seat and stroller appropriate as well. Swaddle Sleeves Original, Footie, and Bodysuit give your baby a swaddle-like environment while on the go, but without compromising the safety of the harness by going under or over the belt or baby’s torso. With the Swaddle Sleeves, your babe stays calmer longer due to our Hug Cushioning Factor™. Swaddle Sleeves Footie, Bodysuit, and Original are safe for use when baby is safely strapped into the car seat or stroller while running errands/grocery shopping/Target runs, at the zoo, etc. as a sleep and swaddle aid for your baby while you’re out and about. As always, make sure you are following your car seat manufacturer’s instructions for proper placement and angle of the car seat when not in the car for the safety of your baby .

As with any clothing item, we recommend washing Swaddle Sleeves before first use. Please also take care to carefully inspect the product at that time. If your shipment is damaged in any way and you are in need of an exchange, contact us at care@twobabybearsco.com and use "DAMAGED" in subject heading.

Swaddle Sleeves are safe for daytime and nighttime sleep due to their design and securely-zippered attachments. Our products are safety-certified and pediatrician-approved, and are in accordance with AAP guidelines for safe sleep. To bring your baby and ours the safest product possible, Swaddle Sleeves™ has surpassed multiple stages of rigorous testing by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) endorsed laboratories worldwide. As always, we recommend our parents follow the ABCs of sleep (Alone, Back, Crib) from birth-12 months for their babies.

Transitioning Demystified

Most babies either love being swaddled or need help containing their startle reflex until they are about 4 months old. Some babies, however, still need the Hug Cushioning Factor™ for a while longer and sleep better with the added security and snugness that Swaddle Sleeves provides. We recommend that you stop using the Swaddle Sleeves™ once your baby begins rolling over while wearing the Sleeves (usually around 7+ months due to its bulky nature). Once that happens, it is time to transition your baby out of the Swaddle Sleeves™ one arm at a time using the Mitten Sleeves provided. You may use the product with one gently weighted sleeve and one Mitten Sleeve for as long as your little one needs it, and when she is ready, you can also replace the second sleeve with the Mitten Sleeve, leading to a fuss-free transition.

Swaddle Sleeves™ are safe to use for babies who are rolling over. Although our gently-weighted sleeves do not hinder movement, we recommend that you remove one gently-weighted sleeve and replace with a Mitten Sleeve when your baby can roll over IN the weighted sleeve. You can safely use our product this way for as long as needed. If your Swaddle Sleeves product does not come with additional Mitten Sleeves, then you should keep the Swaddle Sleeves on one arm and leave the other arm free.

Swaddle Sleeves are still safe to use if baby is rolling onto her side with weighted Sleeves on. Some babies may rely on side rolling as a self-soothing mechanism as they acclimate to an arms-out environment. Swaddle Sleeves are safe to use until baby rolls over from back to belly while wearing the weighted Sleeves. To transition out of the gently-weighted sleeves, remove them one at a time and replace with the Mitten Sleeves!

Once your baby is showing signs of rolling over in the Swaddle Sleeves™, we suggest that you take one weighted Sleeve off, replace with the Mitten Sleeve provided, and keep one weighted Sleeve on and let your baby get gently accustomed to having their arms completely free. We’ve found that by the time babies can roll over in the Swaddle Sleeves™, they are also developmentally and physically ready to have complete use of their hands/arms and will actually transition quite easily out of the Swaddle Sleeves™ and into only a sleep sack or PJs. Swaddle Sleeves™ makes this transition easier for baby to acclimate to since you can dress your baby in a sleep sack or PJs while using the Sleeves, so when the time comes to transition baby out of the Swaddle Sleeves, your baby already has gotten into the routine and developed a sleep association of wearing the original PJs or sleep sack to sleep, thus leading to a less drastic and more comfortable adjustment for baby to arms-free sleep.

If your baby is under 12 weeks and hasn’t shown signs of rolling over yet, you may simply keep them swaddled in your preferred swaddle product or our Swaddle Sleeves Pod until they do show signs of beginning to roll. Once this stage is reached, it is vital to stop swaddling your baby because of suffocation risks.

This is when Swaddle Sleeves™ come into play: Swaddle Sleeves™ are safe to use even after baby starts rolling over during tummy time/play time. They are safe to use UNTIL baby is able to roll over from back to tummy while wearing the Sleeves. We have found that babies typically take longer (about 7-8 months) to roll over while wearing the Swaddle Sleeves™ because of the way they are designed. However, it is important to remember that your baby rolling over in the Swaddle Sleeves™ is a sign that baby is no longer disturbed by the moro reflex and is ready for complete movement and control of their limbs.

To make the transition as comfortable as possible for your baby, remove the weighted Swaddle Sleeves™ one arm at a time over the course of a week or two and replace with our Mitten Sleeves, depending on how long your baby needs to easily transition into arms-free sleep. Some babies are quickly able to transition in several nights, and others take a few weeks. Swaddle Sleeves™ is especially helpful for those babies who are having a harder time going from being swaddled to complete arms-free sleep. Some babies need the additional security around their arms and the feeling of being hugged that Swaddle Sleeves™ provides to fall asleep and connect their sleep cycles. Follow your baby’s cues for an easier transition, while making sure to adhere to safe sleep guidelines.