Our Company Name

As a struggling mother who had just lost her sweet, healthy two-month-old baby to a sudden and unexpected illness in early 2017, I was drowning in my grief. We never thought something like this was even possible, but it somehow became our devastating reality. I knew the only way I could be a mother again to my then 14-month-old was by doing something in service of others, and so the idea for this company began to take seed. 

We lovingly called our sons “our two baby bears,” and this company was created so that other families could also experience the light of our little boy’s life. The time we had with him as a family of four was absolutely magical, and there’s nothing that soothes my heart more than knowing that his memory is living on by bringing the gift of happier days and sleepier nights to you and your family.

Your purchase makes a difference. A portion of our profits goes to different causes that are related to supporting families who have lost a child (pregnancy, infant, or older child) or organizations working to educate or prevent infant/child loss. 

And to any parent who has experienced any type of loss, I wish you all the peace, love, and healing in the world. I know words will never be enough, but please know that you are not alone. I am here with you, too. 


Umma S.
Founder & Mom of 6