Mama Bear Village


We believe that a happy, healthy mother is just as important as a happy and healthy baby. We believe that motherhood has a special way of being joyous, lonely, wondrous, and difficult all at once. We believe in being there for each other when one of us needs a hand, and that one of the greatest joys of motherhood is those other moms who totally get you. We believe in inspiring each other through our own joys, struggles, and wisdom gained through our journeys into motherhood. We believe that you are a great mother, and most of all, we believe in community, love, and laughter.

Oh, and we believe that your postpartum body is absolutely beautiful!

It is our mission to help you feel heard, loved, supported, and encouraged in your transition to postpartum and beyond. 

  • Join our community on Instagram featuring moms sharing their real-life stories, real-life experiences, and real-life emotions. Momming is hard; finding your people shouldn’t be.

  • If you would like to share your reflections, story, struggles, recent wins/uplift and encourage another mama and help her feel less alone and to remind her that she’s just plain awesome/or if you just want to share something because you love to inspire, you may take a short 5-minute video sharing your story and upload it below for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed. We choose one video to share with our community every week. We love to hear what you have to say to help you and other moms (including us!) feel supported, loved, heard, and inspired.

  • We currently have 10 prompt options that you may choose from. To see the prompts and our video guidelines, click here.

  • For some inspiration, see examples of previous videos @swaddlesleeves or see examples from our archives below!

  • Join in on the discussion! We will repost your video uploads on our Instagram every Monday, and comments are more than welcome. We only ask that you please refrain from any sort of negativity. We are all here to support one another and help create a safe online space to be heard, encouraged, and loved.

  • Share your feedback with us here! We love babies, sleep, and safety, but we also know that babies wouldn’t be possible without the parents (literally!). Too often we forget about the mom and focus completely on the baby, but here we care about the overall health and comfort of both. Tell us how we can support you best and what you would like to see out of our #mamabearvillage. We care about YOU and would love to serve you in the way you need us to.