How to Use

Using your Swaddle Sleeves Footie, Bodysuit, and Sack™


As your little one transitions out of the swaddle, use your Swaddle Sleeves' product with the weighted sleeves attached to dampen baby's startles and mimic the coziness of the swaddle
Once baby is rolling over in the weighted sleeves, transition to keeping one arm free or replace one weighted sleeve with a Mitten Sleeve for added comfort. You may keep one gently-weighted sleeve on for as long as your baby needs the comfort of our Hug Cushioning Factor
At that point, you have the option of folding over the mitten cuff to encourage your little one to self-soothe while safely providing the swaddling effect
To reduce the risk of overheating, our Swaddle Sleeves' products also offer the option to remove the sleeves completely or layer with different sleep garments to provide additional warmth and comfort!



Using your Swaddle Sleeves Pod™

Remove detachable sleeves and keep in a safe place for later. To use swaddle, take the left wing and bring it over baby's left arm and tuck it snugly behind baby's back

Repeat with the right wing and ensure that you have tucked the wings snugly behind baby's back so that the arms cannot escape

Zip up the pod and get ready for a good night's sleep! 

When baby shows signs of rolling over, discontinue use of the inner wings. Now it's time to bring out the detachable sleeves and zip them on again!

As your baby gets used to having their arms out with our gently-weighted sleeves still calming their startles, you may keep one arm inside the swaddle pod and one arm out with the sleeve if necessary

Once your baby has fully stopped startling, you have the option to remove the sleeves fully or keep "one sleeve on/one sleeve off" to again help baby adjust to fully arms-free sleep. Congratulations—you did it!



Using your Swaddle Sleeves Original™

Place the Swaddle Sleeves under your baby’s right arm directly below the baby’s armpit. Make sure the Sleeve is laying flat with the Velcro strip facing away from your baby’s arm

Fold the top overhang over your baby’s arm. Hold it taut with one hand as you bring the overhang remaining on the bottom and attach the Velcro to create a custom fit to meet the size of your baby’s arms

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for the other arm, and make sure that the Sleeves are securely and snugly on your baby’s arms. Get ready for safer, sounder sleep on the go!