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Totally worth it!

We tried just dropping the swaddle cold turkey at 3 months because our baby was breaking out of it and waking himself up anyways. We were up every 3 hours so I ended up buying this in the middle of the night out of desperation and it works perfectly!! He fusses getting it on because we’re not very graceful getting his arms into the sleeves, but he sleeps just as well in this as he did when he was swaddled!! Life saver!

Star Sleeves Sack™
Brittany Branham
Twin boys love swaddles

The swaddles are nice and comfortable. The zipper stays down. The swaddle is safe for rolling. My baby has slept better in the swaddle. I really wish y’all would work with Nanit sleep sacks. Just an idea. The star sleeves have mild resistance that while asleep detours my 5 month old from attacking hands in sleep. I am going to purchase another one for the other twin and continue to buy as they age.

Wonderful sleep sack

This was a wonderful purchase! The sleeves really help my baby not startle herself!

Didn’t have a transitional period

This may be the best product out there for sleep. I was able to put my 3 month old down awake and she put herself right to sleep with no tears or pacifier and has slept through the night since we’ve had it. Up until we received the swaddle sleeves she has been swaddled with her arms down but kept escaping and waking herself. We didn’t have to transition her to one arm out a time. She took right to it.

Easiest transition ever!

My girl has been sleeping in the onesie with the swaddle sleeves since she was 3 months old. She sleeps 10-12 hours a night and I was terrified to transition. I didn’t want to mess anything. She just turned 6mo and a few weeks ago I bit the bullet. Luckily, the mitten sleeves make it easy peasy! She didn’t even notice a difference! I imagine going to a regular onesies will be a breeze from here! Thank you for making an easy plan for transitioning!
On a side note: her arm got broken in a daycare accident around 4 months and being able to unzip the sleeve to keep her bad arm pinned underneath with the sleep sack was a life saver!

Love it so far

The material is so soft and stretchy. And the sleeves seem very breathable and comfortable. I just got the product today and she put herself right to sleep as soon as I swaddled her for her nap. And that was a miracle. It’s escape proof and that has been a big struggle with her other swaddles. Im hoping the sleeves make the transition to arms out seamless. I’m very excited to have happened upon this small company.

Best transition swaddle!

After trying several “transition” products for my little guy showing signs of rolling, I was left frustrated and in the same spot (swaddling my baby). This is the BEST transition product we have ever used! With the first use my first little guy took a 1.5 hour nap and slept better than in his swaddle! Gone are the days of him breaking out of the swaddle or getting frustrated by not having his arms.. swaddle sleeves is the BEST ! Don’t hesitate to try it especially if you have tried everything else and nothing worked!

Half-Up Sleeves Sack

Our 10 week old daughter started to break out of her Halo swaddle and sleep with her arms up by her ears. She still has strong Moro reflex so it was clear she couldn’t move right into a sleep sack. I ordered a few different brands online and am very happy with the Half-Up Sleeves Sack. It’s soft, warm but ideal for nighttime with a pj onesie underneath, and allows her to sleep in her desired position while tempering her reflex. I like that the arms are semi flexible though as it allows her to move around more naturally. It’s been a great transition product for us.

Thank you for your glowing review! I’m so happy to hear our Half-Up Sleeves are working so well for your sweet baby.

Love it!

Wonderful product and wonderful customer service. My little guy had a hard time coming out of the swaddle, especially with his reflex still. This settles his arms but still lets him go to his side and roll on belly if he wants to! Thank you for sharing your story and making a wonderful product to help families!


My daughter loved this product right away. As soon as I put it on her she fell asleep in minutes. It has completely taken out those horrible nights of sleep. And while it is not a total cure of the Moro reflex it does muffle it so my daughter isn’t flopping back and forth all night. (Also, my daughter does not sleep in my bed, it is just showing an example of how she easily sleeps anywhere in her swaddle sleeves)

Happy baby!!

We have a very happy baby in her swaddle sleeves!! I began sleep training with this sleep sack and it has been a huge success! I upgraded to the 2.5 tog because my house tends to be colder in the wintertime and my baby is so warm and comfortable. Highly recommend as a transition from swaddle to sleep sack!

Baby approved!

She sleeps great in her sleep sack, and the mitten sleeves keep her arms and hands warm. We love it!

The best transition product

I couldn't recommend the swaddle sleeves highly enough! I wish I'd had this product for my first born - he loved being swaddled and the transition was a nightmare. We go the swaddle sleeves for our newest arrival, who also loved to be swaddled, and it was a complete different experience. He was able to self settle much more easily and slept through the night as per usual. Thanks umma for such a wonderful product!

Loving it!

We love our swaddle sleeves body suit- at first I was a little skeptical because I’ve tried so many other products from different brands already and nothing helped. My son was reliant to the swaddle and this is the only thing that has allowed us to get more than an hour asleep at a time since starting the transition out of the swaddle. We paired it with a preferred sleep sack because I already had it, rather than the footie as well because he is so much longer in length, I knew this would last longer before needed to size up!

Best transition from a swaddle

I’ve been on the hunt for the best transition from the swaddle. Something that gave my little boy freedom of his arms and legs but wouldn’t allow to wake himself up. The star fish swaddle gave us that! Also it keeps his hands warm unlike sleeveless sleep sacks.

Game changer!

Our little guy could no longer be swaddled but he was struggling with the transition to a sac. We didn’t want to do a weighted sac and a bit nervous using this one with the thicker sleeves but glad we gave it a shot. He started sleeping longer hours at night and kept from allowing him to wake himself up multiple times a night! Our little Michelin man appreciates this as much as we do!

Great transition swaddle

Swaddle sleeves really helped our little one get more sleep once we unswaddled her. Highly recommend this product!

It’s gotten us an extra hour!

We love the “marshmallow” arms as we call it. Baby loves it too and we haven’t consistently seen and extra hour of sleep which is obviously the best part!

Swaddle Transition Concerns

I purchased the swaddle sleeves on recommendation from TCB. Our daughter was a decent sleeper in the Halo swaddle and I was extremely nervous to make the transition. She is 15w old and we have been using for about 3 days. We started with first using it at bedtime. This was dumb. Don’t do what we did. Start with naps. She didn’t sleep at all the first night. However, she caught on quickly. She had AMAZING naps the next day, but probably because she was so tired not sleeping at all the night before. However, after a couple more days, I can confidently say she sleeps as well as she did in the swaddle, maybe even a little better. I like that it’s easy to change her in it (we always change her before her dream feed so this aspect was important). I also like that she will probably have an easier time transitioning to just a regular sleep sack when the time comes. I also got the mitten sleeves and star sleeves and will try those out in a few weeks once LO seems to have her wild limbs under control a bit more. I was hoping this would make my baby sleep so well that we wouldn’t hear a peep from her between 7-7. So far that’s not the case but to have her sleeping at least as well as she did in the swaddle, and it doesn’t feel like we are going backwards at all, is really great. A tip that TCB said that seems to be work - if you transition her to the crib and her arms start really going, pin them down with your hands. She will fight you, but eventually she’ll give up and fall asleep.


We love it!! So worth the purchase!!


I can’t recommend these enough ! We tried to transition our little one out of the swaddle before buying the swaddle sleeves and she didn’t sleep for 5 nights. The swaddle sleeves have been a life saver, she’s sleeping so well with them and it’s still safe if she ends up rolling. We choose to buy the onesie and we have her sleep sack overtop!

Worth every penny!

My daughter is a terrible napper and always hated swaddles so we opted for a swaddle sack that kept her arms close to her face. She will not sleep without a sleep sack on! Now that she’s shown signs that she’s going to start rolling, it was time to let her arms have more freedom. I was worried her arms would go wild and she would keep herself awake but the Star arms are just what she needed to feel cozy and sleep! I just love that these have options to swap out and/or remove completely! Can’t wait for the heavier version to restock so I can buy it!

Swaddle Sleeves Sack - quality, versatile product!

Our son moves a lot, all the time. The only way he slept was with a swaddle because his Moro reflex is strong. He’s started rolling over, so we can’t use our swaddle anymore. We use Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit at night, which works great, but we only put him in socks and a diaper because it’s so warm. We wanted something less thick and constricting for naps so we didn’t have to take off his outfit for every nap. This sleep sack does the trick! The open sleeves allow him to chew on his hands for a little while, which he does to self-soothe before sleeping. We were hoping it would help him nap longer, but he doesn’t yet. This is still a great product that’s perfect for our warmer climate and we love the versatility of being able to take off the sleeves when he’s ready for that. The only issue I have is the sizing. We bought the 3-6 month size based on his weight and length, and it fits well right now (he’s almost 5 months), but he won’t be able to wear it once it’s too tight around his neck. We’re hoping he will transition completely to a sleep sack without the swaddle sleeves by that time, but I wish he could wear it longer since the price point is high.


This transition sleep sack made it unbelievably easy to transition my 3 month old out of her swaddle! Definitely work the money!

Miracle product

My final go to product currently is the @swaddlesleeves ! I know they might look a bit funny (the poofy zippered sleeves) but I actually only use this to put him down to sleep at night (changing him into this right before his bedtime). His once severe eczema made me decide to swaddle him up for almost the first four months of his life… he was literally swaddle ALL day long and I remember crying a lot at how unfortunate and upsetting it was to see him tied up (thinking it was the only way to prevent him from scratching up his face with bloody cuts). I looked all over the internet and finally found this one-mother-run,genius product. Ever since I’ve put him in these poofy sleeves, my baby has slept (6-8hrs) without ANY swaddle! I literally have… 7-8 outfits & swaddle products from this company right now. They are amazing and I really hope that if you have an extremely swaddle-dependent baby, that these might work for you as they have for me!! :)