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We love our swaddle sleeves!

We started the swaddle sleeves when our babe was 3 months old, he absolutely hated being swaddled but would always startle and wake. This has been a life saver. He’s now 5 months and we transitioned out of the sleeves to regular mittens and he’s doing great. Our fav product we own!

Calming sleep

Helped transition babe from swaddle to arms out! Thank you. Didn’t want to wake up after taken out of crib.

Swaddle transition seamless

I was so so worried for our swaddle loving baby’s transition out of the swaddle. However, she started breaking out of her swaddle halfway through the night and waking herself up. We started swaddle sleeves for naps, and have been using it for 3 nights now. Sleep is the same as with the swaddle! So grateful for this product.

My swaddle loving baby slept amazing in this!

I was so skeptical about this sleep sack, especially because I hadn’t even heard of it before one of my good friends suggested it to me. Let me start by saying my baby absolutely LOVED her swaddle. I bought this sack to use when we were ready to transition from it. She was sleeping 10-11 hour stretches in her swaddle and I was terrified to take her out of it. Well, yesterday at 11.5 weeks she rolled over and we knew we had to stop right away. Insert swaddle sleeves. I was so anxious when we laid her down but she was out right away. I’m typing this now as I nurse her at 6:20am, after she slept NINE hours straight!!!!! No wakes. I know she can sleep longer than this, but for her first night without her beloved swaddle I am so impressed and happy. The swaddle may not even be missed after all! She was so peaceful all night. We actually noticed more restlessness before swaddle sleeves. 10/10, worth every penny, will be buying the next size up when it’s time!! Thank you swaddle sleeves for making what was going to probably be the worst night ever so easy!

Life Changing Product

My baby boy hated having his arms swaddled since he was a week old. He is a super busy little man with a strong Moro reflex. This is where the swaddle sleeves have been life changing for us. As soon as we started using them he started to wake only once a night for feeding and would fall right back asleep. Even on days that he is cranky during the day, as soon as we put him in his swaddle sleeves sack or bodysuit he settles and falls asleep. At two months old he had his first full night sleep! In my opinion, swaddle sleeves are a miracle! We already have the next size up on stand by. As you can see in the photos my little man approves!

Great transitional swaddle

Had trouble getting my daughter from being swaddled to arms out on her own! This swaddle helps her startle reflex and keeps her asleep longer!!

Great transition sleep sack

Great way to use as a transition way from swaddling to out. Our LO has been rolling in his swaddle and the swaddles sleeves helped so much in his startle reflex. He's now been able to freely roll over to his tummy and mostly sleep all throughout the night!


Our baby hated being swaddled, but clearly had a startle reflex still so we needed a solution. This has been amazing for our sleep!!! He’s happy, we are happy, sleeping great and babe loves to be able to move arms around. Transitioning out of the swaddle hasn’t been awful all thanks to this!

Sleeping like a champ!

I was worried about the transition from Snoo to our crib, but the swaddle sleeves sleepsack was recommended and boy do we love it! This is after night #1! He’s been sleeping like a champ in his sleepsack and it’s been a smoother transition than I would have imagined!

Baby loves it

I’ve been so anxious knowing that baby would soon have to cut ties with her love to dream swaddle. She was obsessed with the arms up/hands over her face sleep position since she was born. Now that she is 5 months and rolling over I knew we had to transition but the thought of disrupting a baby who has slept 12 hours a night for months had me terrified. Today was day one in her swaddle sleeves and she seems to love it! She cried for a few minutes missing her usual sleep position but I think she adjusted pretty quickly to this and hasn’t woken up since I put her down for the night! Thanks swaddle sleeves for this genius product.

Started sleeping through the night!

I got this sleep sack when I was struggling to get my little one to sleep through the night and knew he needed to transition soon out of his swaddle with his arms in. I’m not sure if it was the swaddle or just an amazing coincidence, but shortly after we started using this he started sleeping through the night!! I’m also happy this can grow with him with the adjustable/removable sleeves!

Baby loves it!

This was the easiest transition from swaddle to sleep sack! My baby absolutely loves this and is sleeping 11-12 hours a night!

Helpful swaddle transition

The weighted swaddle sleeves are a helpful transition item out of the swaddle. I love that the sleep sack comes with regular sleeves too, for when we transition out of the weighted sleeves. The fabric is also really soft and nice!

We are going through a sleep regression right now and I love how swaddle sleeves has helped keep our daughter warm and provide her with an extra secure feeling.

Pleased consumer

After trying several sleep sacks I was a bit skeptical but we are very please with swaddle sleeves. It took a few naps to get use to not being swaddled but our 3 month old loves It and gets longer naps than she was before!

Wonderful transitional item

We had to drop the swaddle at 12 weeks and this has been a great item to aid in that transition. We tried another swaddle transition product and it went terribly…these weighted sleeves and double zipper are so much easier to use and I’m happy that we can still use this as a sleep sack in the future when we are done with the weighted sleeves.

Best transition sleep sack

Love this product! As a newborn care specialist and sleep consultant I've highly recommended to all my clients to purchase!

Love the weighted sleeves!

Great sleep sack for transitioning out of the swaddle. My 3 month old had a very strong startle reflex but the weighted sleeves kept him snug and still. Love the double zipper for nighttime diaper changes and how easy it is to wash too.


The sleep sack is amazing! Although the arms are a little too big for my guy and we have to roll them.


I was struggling to transition my 12 week old out of his swaddle. He had shown signs of rolling, but still had a very strong startle reflex. The weighted sleeves are like magic! Lengthened our nap times and helped with nighttime sleep!

Swaddle Sleeves Sack™ & Mitten Sleeves Set
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Turner a good sleeper into a great sleeper!

As a sleep consultant I knew my little guy had a good sleep foundation. He was doing pretty decent stretches for 2 months old, but not unlike many parents I wasn’t looking forward to unswaddling him. First night with our Swaddle Sleeves Sleep Sack and I got just shy of a 10 hour stretch. 10 hours! It was amazing and he woke up SO happy!

Great Transition

Love the swaddle sleeves for transition babe from swaddle. It gifts her a lot of freedom with some weight to help with startle! I think it will make sleep sack transition MUCH easier than the alternatives!!

Sleep has returned!

We tried to move directly from a swaddle to a sleep sack, and our little guy just wasn’t ready. I tried other products that seemed too warm for a summer night before discovering swaddle sleeves. They are weighted enough that he isn’t flinging his arms around all night, but light enough that he can continue to move well and suck on his hands. I don’t want to jinx it, but we have had four nights in a row of 10+ hours of sleep for our four month old. He wakes up well rested and happy, and so do mom and dad.

Love this product!

We needed a safe sleep solution that kept my baby cool and helped with her startle reflex. I was worried the sleeves wouldn't be heavy enough but I was happily surprised when it showed up. The material keeps her cool during the hot Texas summer months and we're all happy sleepers.

Such a great swaddle

We've been using the swaddle batwing for 4 weeks now and I love it! My son can't escape from it at all, and it's our only fave swaddle since it works exactly as advertised. I can't wait to use the pod as with the weighted sleeves in a couple of weeks with our 10 week old. We tried it for a nap recently with the sleeves and LO loved it and slept for 3 hours. Talk about a miracle product!