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Second purchase!

After transitioning almost 2 months ago, this sleep sack remains part of our sleep routine. And it's stayed in fantastic condition! Such a great product - I recommend this to all the moms I know.


This is the best transition swaddle! So cozy and I know baby is safe to roll in it. The sleeves really do help with the startle reflex too!

We love it!

Such a great purchase! Our little guy was on the verge or rolling and this is the perfect transition!! He’s so cozy and sleeps all night long!

Worth it!!

I rarely leave reviews, but I had to for Swaddles Sleeves! I was so nervous to transition our baby out of the swaddle when she started to show signs of rolling. We tried Merlin and Zipadee Zip, but the Merlin didn’t fit her well since she’s a bit lengthy and the Zipadee Zip didn’t help with her startle reflex. I came across Swaddle Sleeves and wanted to give it a try. She slept 12 hours the first night in it and now naps 1-2 hours! I also love that we can try and use different sleeves as she continues to grow and develop. Definitely worth it.


Absolutely obsessed with this product. My 3 month old loved being swaddled but started showing signs of rolling. I was terrified to transfer her out of the swaddle but I saw this product through TakingCaraBabies and thought I would try it. My baby loves it’s and is now sleeping 9-10 hours through the night. It also brings me peace of mind that she has mobility if needed. I will be recommending to all my new mom friends!

Comfort in knowing it’s safe

I love the star sleeves and sleep sack. My little guy was waking himself up by scratching his face when we took him out of swaddle. The star sleeves are perfect to protect his face. Also, I know many docs and nurse practitioners that use this sleep sack because of its safety. I sleep much better at night knowing he’s safe.

A Great Transition!

Swaddle Sleeves are a great transition product. We had to find something new for our newborn to sleep in at 8 weeks because he was showing signs of rolling and was strong enough for his arms to escape his swaddle during long stretches of sleep at night, so his startle reflex was waking him and us up frequently. The swaddle sleeves weren’t a magic cure, but he seems so much more comfortable being contained in the sleep sack and swaddle sleeves, and he’s able to put himself to sleep much, much easier than before. He still has a strong startle reflex, but the sleeves are successful in dampening the reflex just enough to not fully wake him each time. Mom’s, dad’s, and baby’s sleep has greatly improved!

Worked Beautifully!!!

This sleeper has worked so beautifully for my son. I needed to transition him out of his swaddle but still needed something to help muffle his reflexes and this did just that. Plus I love that it’s lightweight and I don’t need to worry about him overheating and it doesn’t prohibit movement. Highly recommend!!!

We thought we’d never see the day!

Seriously. Our little one would NOT sleep without a swaddle. We had to transition to a sleep suit which didn’t work well at all. As soon as we tried these puffy arms, everything changed. Baby is sleeping through the night and unswaddled!!!! Highly recommend if the sleep suits don’t work for your little!!!

Hear me out

Long story short, it didn’t help my 3 month old sleep longer stretches, but it did help him learn to fall asleep on his own at the beginning of a nap or bedtime. Not magic like I wanted, but definitely a step in the right direction. We had to stop swaddling at like 2 months. He has a very strong startle reflex, so this helped muffle it a little bit but it would still startle him awake with it on. My baby likes to sleep kind of on his side, and these sleeves are so puffy that he couldn’t do that, his top arm wouldn’t stay where he wanted it. The fabric is very stretchy but very thin, so we had to have footies underneath plus a sleep sack. The puffy sleeves are like pillows, they are not warm like you’d think so they’re great for summer. I was much more comfortable with this than other swaddle transitions because the sleeves aren’t weighted, so if he rolled to his stomach he could still roll back or get his face off the mattress. Not the best for my baby, but it might be perfect for yours, definitely worth trying.

Perfect transition

I’m so happy to have a product bridging the transition from swaddle to sleep sack. It’s soft and adorable and I sort of wish they had adult sizes. It’s especially nice to know it’s “roll safe”. Expensive but worth it.

Tired mom approved

I was skeptical so I only purchased one. I just ordered my second one. We started using this to transition my 3.5 month old from the swaddle after she rolled. She loves having her arms free but hands covered.


I’ve used this for about 3 weeks and it has helped my baby with her startle reflex while falling asleep! The puffy sleeves and sleep sack are not too warm, and baby sleeps very comfortably. We are trying to use the sleep sack without the puffy sleeves now to see if it helped her graduate out of them. Very happy with my purchase! Everyone transitioning their baby out of their arms in swaddles should get at least one of these!

Swaddle Sleeves Sack & Mitten Sleeves Set

We got this for my daughter to transition out of from her Ollie. We transitioned 4 days ago and she’s honestly done really well! I wanted to use the swaddle sleeves but since it’s summer and she runs so hot, I had to use the mitten sleeves. They’re a bit too big for her but she’s sleeping just fine with them on! I ordered the Star Sleeves Sack as well so that we could have the Star Sleeves as an alternative option. For reference, my daughter is just one week shy of 3 months old.

Great Transition

We've tried to find an alternative for warm weather similar to thicker sleep suits, and we found this to be great for our baby. She can turn to her side more easily and has continued to be able to sleep through the night. Great product!


Our 3 month old starting breaking free from traditional swaddles and also started showing signs of rolling. I heard of this product from Taking Cara Babies and I’m so happy for the recommendation! I love how it came with different sleeve options - we are still using swaddle sleeves which really calms his startle reflex. And he can soothe himself back to sleep most of the time without me going in. You can also tell how quality the material is, and that it’ll last a long time. Love it!


We were looking for a transition swaddle since my daughter was breaking out her normal swaddle. She was out like a light the first night. I think she likes the ability to move her arms, but she doesn’t startle herself awake.

Simply the BEST

Okay, I am a FTM who struggles with anxiety. This bodysuit is amazing and checks all the boxes for me. I wish I found it sooner. I switched my daughter to this at 8 weeks (14 lbs) and we both adore it.

1. The snaps on the neck are great. Perfect fit. I always worried about the neck on other items being too tight but this is perfect. Plus you can unsnap if needed.

2. The body is fitted. This is important to me because I generally don’t like extra fabric on my baby during sleep. Because it is fitted, this allows you to put on a sleep bag if needed without having excess fabric bunching up.

3. The swaddle sleeves muffle my daughters startle reflex enough where she is not waking herself up, but they are flexible enough where if she starts rolling, I am confident she can move around.

Overall, I highly recommend this bodysuit and will be giving as a gift to all new moms in my circle!! I absolutely love it and am thankful to have found such a great product.

We can sleep again!

We were desperate after our daughter started rolling over and we couldn't use the magic Merlin sleep suit any more. This has worked great and given us peace that she can safely turn over, lift her head up, etc. Love that it's reusable as she grows. (We were with her in all of these pictures, so she was safe).

Love our Sack & Mitten Set!

We started out using the swaddle sleeves for our almost 4mo old and they really do magically muffle the startle reflex! It was amazing! Our little one soon after started rolling over so we switched out the sleeves. We live in Phoenix, AZ and the fabric is nice and light so baby doesn’t get too hot.

Helps to dampen my baby boy’s startle reflex and makes him sleep better at night. He can sleep in impossible positions. Plus, it’s super cute!

Game changer!

Our 3 month old started rolling over so we had to transition him out of a traditional swaddle and the transition was a nightmare. He used to almost always sleep through the night but with his arms out, he was constantly hitting himself awake and sucking on his hands. We found this product and it has been AMAZING! His movements at night don't wake him and he never puts his hand in his mouth anymore. Recommend for sure! And it's versatile. He'll use this for a long time!

Swaddle Sleeves Pod™
Katie Pollock
Great swaddle transition product for my small baby

My daughter is 20th percentile for height and weight and isn’t big enough to use the swaddle transition product we used for her older brother (magic merlin sleep suit). She still had a strong Moro reflex at 8 weeks and I wanted something that could cushion and stabilize her arms when we transitioned her out of her swaddle. This product was perfect for us! It fits my currently 9-10ish lb baby perfectly and she continued sleeping well in this when we moved her out of her swaddle, she’s been using it for almost 3 weeks now and we’re very happy with it.


My 10 week old started breaking out of the swaddle and I’d find it covering her face! Cue frantic search for a transitional sleep product since she still has a strong startle. Came across Two Baby Bears Swaddle Sleeves and loved the mobility it allowed as my little one loves to rub her hands on her face for self-soothing. It worked instantly and she’s sleeping better than ever now that she’s not fighting the swaddle. The Swaddle Sleeves have allowed her to continue to learn to fall asleep independently while staying safe and giving me peace of mind! Will definitely recommend to all my mama friends - they are a game changer!

Great transition out of the sumo suit

We have been using the magic merlin sleep suit for about the last 4 or 5 months with my 8 month old. He was starting to get more wiggly in his sleep plus growing out of the suits, so I needed something to help with the transition. The swaddle sleeves have been great. After using them for the last week, he has had no issues with the transition. He is sleeping great at night and during naps- possibly better than he was with the sumo suit! Thank you for creating this transition product.