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One happy Mama….and Baby☺️

Such an amazing product! I found it online in the middle of the night, sleep deprived and desperate! It was shipped right away and arrived to Canada in just 4 days! And I am one happy Mama! The first night my daughter slept in her bassinet, the whole night ( which was a first) and I was able to get some sleep! I love the option of the footsie as my daughter sleeps on her side and doesn’t like being constricted in a sleep sack. The weighted arms are just perfect and stops her startle reflex from waking her up! And love that they can be removed so easily with the zipper without waking the baby and she then continues to stay snuggly and warm in the suit. Thank you so much for your great customer service and amazing product!

Perfect transition!

My daughter took her first nap in the set and it went so well! She has been swaddled since birth for naps and bedtime and she is starting to show signs of rolling over so I wanted to be ahead of the game for when we have to completely stop swaddling. She is a great sleeper, and this seems to be a great option!

So thankful for such a life changing and safe sleep product!

I was pretty skeptical at first to try a product that wasn’t one of THE top baby sleep products, but I will 100% recommend now to any other struggling sleep parents. We had a rocky first few nights adjusting and thankfully now a week later my daughter is truly loving her Swaddle Sleeves Sack! She has progressively slept slightly longer stretches the last 2 nights and I owe it all to the Swaddle Sleeves. If you’re at all doubtful, don’t be! My almost 4 month old who rolls like crazy is sleeping great and I have the best peace of mind knowing she’s completely safe at night.


I really love this product, it’s very high quality and you can tell it will last a long time. My baby boy fell asleep on his own for the first time wearing this !

Stop the startle

Our baby started rolling pretty early so we were forced to stop swaddling. But that Moro reflex was still strong and led to a lot of disturbed sleep for our little one. We found this product and purchased immediately. It’s perfect for our baby as it stops the startle reflex and allows everyone to get restful sleep. We’re even purchasing another to use at daycare! We highly recommend this! We love it!

Swaddle Sleep Sack

My 3 month old hated to be swaddled and always broke free of every kind we tried. We wanted to try and transition him out of it, and we tried so many different products and none worked as well as the swaddles sleeves sack! The weighted arms helped with his startle reflex and he still could have his arms free. Win win for all of us! Day 2 it only took 5 minutes for him to put himself to sleep! I am one happy and proud mama! Thank you for a great product and coming to our rescue, just wish I would have found this sooner! 💙

Swaddle transition

We had to transition our girl out of the swaddle at 3.5 months and the weighted sleeve sack has been the key to our success! She has been putting herself to sleep within 5-10 minutes and sleeping all the way through the night !! We cannot thank you enough for the help with the easy transition!

Transitioning success!

I had significant anxiety about transitioning my swaddling-loving 4 month old. I bought every type of swaddle and transitional item on the market (Mama LOVES her sleep!) and this was the one that did it and had him sleeping soundlessly through the night after two days.

The best for swaddle transition!

We could not be happier with our Swaddle Sleeves purchase. We moved our son out of his arms-in swaddle earlier than we anticipated (around 7 weeks) because he absolutely hated being swaddled. He wasn’t yet ready for a sleeveless sleep sack and would keep waking himself up with his startle. We noticed an immediate improvement in his sleep quality when we switched to Swaddle Sleeves. He’s 14 weeks old now and sleeps 12+ hours at night! We will certainly be recommending this product.

Amazing product.

I needed to find something to help my daughter transition from a swaddle. She loved being swaddled and did not sleep well with her arms out. I was following a sleep coach and she mentioned swaddle sleeves. I am from Canada so it cost me a little more to ship it to me but I’m a week it has been worth every penny! She is now sleeping 8 hours at just 4 months and is a smiling happy baby when she wakes up! Thank you for making the transition from swaddle to sack so smooth.

Easiest Transition!

Easiest transition!
My enormous 4 month old has outgrown and can out muscle his swaddle but still needs restricted arm movement because he wakes himself up. I was dreading the transition to another style sleep sack. Bought these to try and (holy moly!) they work! It was about a 10 minute transition where he found limited arm movement and the ability to get his arm to his mouth. After that the weighted arm wraps did the trick to dampen his startle reflex while making him feel secure. I have him in a snug sleeveless sleep sack and these and he sleeps the same length of time as he did in his swaddle. Thank you!

Unexpected surprised!

Before I even knew of the specs and benefits of the transitional swaddle, I started noticing my lil babe LOVED sleeping on his side - something he was unable to do before. With the weighted sleeves, he can now put both arms to one side and sleep on his side. I also noticed his naps increasing by 10 minutes; from 30 min to 40 - 45 min. This may not sound like much but it’s makes a HUGE difference in our busy schedule. Love.

We love our Swaddle Sleeves Sleep sack!

We love our Swaddle Sleeves sleep sack!! It had made the transition from swaddle to no swaddle seamless. We are so thankful! The quality is great, it’s pretty (aesthetically pleasing), and I love that the sleeves can be zipped on and off + comes with non-weighted mitten sleeves. Can’t say enough great things!

Lots of love for swaddle sleeves!

My son adores his swaddle sleeves sleep sack! He has always had a very intense startle, so traditional sleep sacks have not made him feel as secure. He now always has a smile on his face putting his swaddle sleeves sack on, and I’ve never seen him wake up happier!


This sleep sack is wonderful! The weighted sleeves helps so much with muffling startle reflex’s with little ones! The non-weighted sleeves that are included are a bonus too, to help with the transition to a sleeveless sleep sack! Great purchase!


This sleep sack is everything that I didn’t even know that I was looking for. We began the transition from the Merlin sleep suit to this sleep sack and it has been incredible so far. Baby began rolling over in her sleep and we needed something safer and this sleep sack was it. My 7 month old baby girl loves it so much. She has a habit of waking herself up with her hands so the detachable weighted sleeves help her to not wake up as much throughout the night and during naps. I love that this sleep sack has two way zippers and it makes late night diaper changes so quick and easy. Also, the material is so soft and stretchy making it extra comfortable for baby. Love that this sleep sack also has fold over mittens which makes it great for babies who scratch their faces. Since we began using this sleep sack a few days ago, she has been sleeping longer stretches. My biggest regret is not using this amazing sleep sack sooner, especially when we started the transition from a swaddle. We will definitely be using more of these products with our next baby!


I’m absolutely amazed with this product!! It has helped my little one sleep so much more at night time! And she actually hated to be swaddled. This was the solution I wish I had for my first two kids

In love with this sack!!!

My daughter was sooooo swaddle spoiled! I had no clue how to get her to sleep without her swaddle. Once we tried this sleep sack, it only took about a week before she was sleeping great in this sack. We are so pumped!!!!


WOW I can’t say enough good things about these! When my 4 month old started rolling and it was time to unswaddle, I was in a panic. She still very much had the startle reflex and I knew we were in for a rough transition to sleep sack! I attempted one nap in a sleep sack before we got our swaddle sleeves and I couldn’t even get her down. Cue the tears (from both of us)! Fast forward to using the swaddle sleeves and I had to WAKE HER UP from her SECOND two hour nap of the day yesterday! She also slept through the night last night and is currently sleeping through her normal 2am wake up. I don’t even need to Rick her anymore, she falls asleep by the time I leave the room! If you are a parent who is making the transition out of the swaddle, these are a MUST MUST MUST have. We are so thankful for you, two baby bears and co!!!

We LOVE our swaddle sleeves!

We LOVE our swaddle sleeves. These were a game changer when transferring babies from their tight swaddle sack to a lose one. I have triplets and they all sleep so sound in the same room together with their arm swaddles.

Saving grace during our baby’s 4 month sleep regression!

These swaddle sleeves were total life savers when we battled my son’s month 4 sleep regression. My baby was so active during the day and at night when he learned to roll over, so we had to retire our traditional sleep swaddles. In doing so, we would find him on opposite ends of the cribs most days and nights after putting him down and he just couldn’t figure out how to self soothe himself as his hands went flying all over the place since they were used to being swaddled. These swaddle sleeves are weighted enough to keep a baby’s arm reflexes from moving while sleeping, yet light weight enough to allow for ample arm movement while the baby is awake. When we started using them, we noticed our son was able to sleep longer and better with these sleeves and didn’t seem phased by small sleep disturbances that normally startled his reflexes. We loved that it is pediatrician approved and safety certified too. Highly recommend this product!

Love Swaddle Sleeves; Highly Recommend!

We love our swaddle sleeves! We started to use them around 4 months for our baby girl, right around the time she was managing to get her arms out of her swaddle. These were the perfect transition for her, as we could allow her to have her arms out but not worry about her startling and waking up. The customer care is also wonderful; Umma has personally reached out to check in and make sure everything was going okay. We highly recommend Two Baby Bears and Co!

Swaddle Sleeves

We have been using our swaddle sleeve for 3 months now and I can’t praise them enough. My daughter sleeps 12 hours every night and if she does start to wake up (Moro reflex), and she falls right back to sleep because the sleeves keep her arms in place. We absolutely love these & I recommend them to all the parents we know!

Baby must have!

I love this product and it’s a baby most have! It helps baby sleep better and longer

Love it! Game Changer!

I bought this sleep sack to help transition my 11 week old daughter out of her swaddle and it has quickly become my go-to sleep solution. From the first use, we’ve had her in the sack for all naps and nighttime sleep. We started the first day with just doing one arm at a time so she could get used to the arms being weighted but by the next day she was fully adapted and loving the sleep sack. So happy to finally be catching more Zzzs— for both her and me!!