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Absolutely love that baby’s arms can still move and bend but it totally muffles the startles! Our baby was never swaddled because she’s always liked her arms free. I ordered this when baby was 9 weeks because she suddenly became more aware of her movements/startle and was keeping herself up. Noticed a huge difference first night of use! 2 weeks later and we sleep through the night. Totally worth the money

Swaddle Sleeves

My son initially woke up every hour when sleeping in his pack-n-play bassinet. Once we started swaddling him at 1.5 months, he could sleep 4-5 hour stretches. However, four weeks after we started swaddling him, he started rolling from his back to his side. We had to quit swaddling him cold turkey. When we quit swaddling him, he went back to waking up every hour. And he would suck on his fists all night long - Not in a soothing way, but in a stimulating way that only made him more awake.

The swaddle sleeves have been amazing. They are like circumferential pillows for his arms. We have been swaddling him arms out while he is wearing the swaddle sleeves bodysuit, and he has gone back to sleeping 4-5 hour stretches. I have even seen him wake up, try to suck on his fists, and then go back to sleep independently. The mitten hands have been great because although he still sucks some on his fists, it is way less stimulating than it was before.

Note: My son is young (2.5 months) so he is small for the size small. It is quite long on him. But the neckline is narrow enough that it is still a safe fit for sleep and he is comfortable.

Love it

I was so nervous to transition out of our arms up swaddle but my little girl transitioned seamlessly to this one! I saw it recommended by the peaceful sleeper on IG. I’d tried the zippadee zip but so much fabric covered my daughters face and she couldn’t reach her hands.
My friend is now anxiously awaiting the delivery of hers for her little guy so I’ve already been recommending it!

Great transition piece!

My baby is loving his swaddle sleeves! He loved to be swaddled so I was afraid of this transition, but he’s loving having his hands to play with! It seems to muffle the startle reflex just enough as well! I highly recommend!

Save your money - buy this one, not the alternatives

I’ve tried 4+ options for swaddle transitions and this is the first one that both worked and made me feel comfortable with it!! One of the common alternatives made my baby sooo hot which scared me for SIDS risk. This one is perfect to dress up or down for temperature and also to keep your baby peacefully sleeping!

Best Sleep Sack

We have tons of swaddles and sleep sacks for our baby, but this one is hands down the best one. Unlike other brands, it has a super soft material on the inside and out. This makes our baby feel super snug and comfortable for a great night’s sleep. 10/10 recommend the sleep pod.

Get This Sack!!

I transitioned my 7 month son from the Merlin suit to this sack with so much ease. It only took a few days, before a full week he wanted the sack and not the Merlin suit. My son tends to self soothe by chewing on sleeves so this sack was a great fit for him. I will definitely be buying more and I am so happy with the product!

The Best

We have been using this for 3 days now! Nap times started out rough but they are getting better! However night time had been the same if not better since switching to this sleep suit! This was the best purchase to help us transition out of the swaddle! (We started right at 3 months)

Better nights!

We love the swaddle sleeve! After we transitioned from the swaddle to the sleep sack I was desperate one night when I was up for what felt like many times. After we started using this, my son now stopped startling and sleeps longer stretches through the night. Highly recommend


I had a hard time getting my 4 month old out of a swaddle because he would flail his arms. He has been up once a night but other sleep sacks made it worse. He’s still up once a night but at least we are out of the swaddle. Overall, great product.


I wanted to give this a few nights before reviewing. We needed to transition our 3 mo old out of a swaddle which she has used since the day she came home. She slept SO good in the swaddle (typically waking once per night) so I was very scared about this transition. I found this on IG through a trusted nurse/sleep consultant and thought why not try it?

My baby girl slept just as great as she has been and she loves it. She can bring her hands up to sooth her in the night. She has been waking in the mornings and just lays there sucking her hands and coo-ing to herself rather than immediately crying. The weighted arms are weighted just enough to help with the reflex in the night to not disturb them but they are still able to move their arms to their face which I love. This product is worth the $$$. Buy it!!

Also, it can become a regular sleep sack but just unzipping the sleeves which I love bc this can be used far beyond the transition.

Swaddle Sleeves Sack Bundle
Melanie Lesher
Transition from swaddling

I was looking for something that would be a great transition from swaddling to sleep sack for my twins, and this was it!

It really works!

We were struggling without the swaddle, countless sleepless nights. It was a nightmare… when I came across this sleep sack with weighted sleeves, and It was a God’s sent. She has been sleeping through the night since.

It’s a MUST!

We love our swaddle sleeve sack! We had to buy a second to have on hand. I love that I can help my daughters startle reflux, while being able to move freely, and have an easy way to change her diaper. This has allowed us to make a smooth transition out of her swaddle!


I was really struggling with my boy and his startle reflex. I had to stop swaddling his arms down but the merlin magic sleep suit was still too big for him and he was having a hard time adjusting to it. Someone recommended this product to me and made such a huge difference. It’s a great transition swaddle. I am very happy with my purchase I highly recommend it! It’s definitely a safer option because they have control over their movements rather than weighing their whole body down which my doctor said was dangerous! I’m super happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend this to a friend!


Swaddle sleeves are truly MAGIC. My 5 month old has been struggling with sleep ever since transitioning out of the swaddle. Her first night in swaddle sleeves… she went straight to sleep! I couldn’t believe it. Not to mention she’s slept so well every single night since we started using them. Swaddle sleeves are a life saver!!!!

Helping us transition!

We’re trying to transition out of a regular swaddle into a sleep sack, but our son has a very strong startle reflex. I’ve been dreading this for weeks but he’s been using the weighted sleeves during nap time and it’s working!! The sleeves help dampen his startle but give me peace of mind that he’ll be ok if he does roll.

Helpful Sleepsack!

We tried all different kinds of swaddles and this one has been the best! Our baby could wiggle out of any kind of swaddle and would get angry when he couldn’t reach his hands. We bought this swaddle when he turned 3 months old and it has done a great job keeping him comfortable, asleep, and happy. We’re glad he has the ability to get to his hands and has his arms free when he rolls, but isn’t awakened by any reflex movements.

Worth It

I did as many other moms do, and read the reviews. One caught my eye, her daughter was swaddled and always woke herself up by being startled. Well this is my daughter to a T. Swaddle or no sleep for anyone. So I ordered one, it came, she hated being put in it, but like magic. She would be out in a couple min. I can not recommend this enough!

Eddie was able to unswaddle very quickly

Great quality product, with and without sleeves. My grandson loves his sleep sack!

Perfect Transition

My LO had arms that never stopped. When he started breaking out of his swaddle I spent so much $ on everything I could think of…then I found Swaddle Sleeves. I wish I had found them sooner. They provided the perfect balance of freedom and control for his arms.

Swaddle sleeves

We purchased this in hopes to help our 6 month sleep better. He loves being swaddled but was too big to be swaddled and is rolling over. So we bought this and the first few nights were not successful but we kept using it in hopes it would start helping him and now we’re a couple weeks in a he’s sleeping so good! When I put his to sleep he stays asleep for a good 4 hour stretch (compared to waking every hour) and if he gets startled he falls right back to sleep on his own or with just a couple bottom pats.

Swaddle sleeves sac

A good alternative to the Merlin suit, I was looking for something just like this that would dampen the Moro reflex as my baby transitioned out of the swaddle at 10 weeks. He is able to move his arms and bring his hands to his face for soothing but doesn’t flail as much as when arms are completely free. My one complaint is the fold over design of the mittens should have longer material. My baby always has a finger or two that will poke out and on multiple occasions he’s able to then get his whole hand out and that would distract/wake him up. Improved fold over mitten design with more/longer material should fix this issue. See pic.

Great feedback! It’s this kind of feedback that helps us improve our products and make them even better, so thank you!

Just get it!

I didn’t realize how much my little 3 (almost 4) month old likes this sleep sack until she had a blow out, and I had to use a different name brand one… she refused to nap for the rest of the day until I had time to wash this one and put her back in it!! It’s a lifesaver. My only complaint is I wish I could buy extra sacks to zip the sleeves on to, but this is a pretty pricey product to buy a completely new one.
Also, I was worried the sleeves would be too heavy, but my baby is still able to self soothe when wearing this. It also keeps her at a good temperature and she doesn’t get too warm. Highly recommend!

No Startle!!

Our baby loved being swaddled, but when he showed signs of rolling, we knew it was time to transition him out of the swaddle. We tried the swaddles that allow for 1 arm out at a time while still having compression and a weighted sleep sack. Unfortunately, neither alleviated the startle reflex, which kept waking him up as he would try to fall asleep. We would even gently hold his arms down until he was in a deep sleep to stop him from startling himself awake, but be able to have his hands free in case he rolled at night. We then happened upon Swaddle Sleeves and it was the ticket! He now falls asleep and stays asleep just like he did with the swaddle. I only wish we could combine the weighted sleep sack and the swaddle sleeves!