Swaddle Sleeves Footie™ & Mitten Sleeves Set

Get your sleep back on with the magic of the Swaddle Sleeves Footie™

Our gently-weighted sleeves are perfectly calibrated to soothe your baby’s startles for longer and better sleep, all night long!

  • The ultimate Footie PJs with our signature gently-weighted sleeves attachment; patent pending

  • Sleeves are only lightly weighted with optional mitten cuff, just enough to soothe baby's involuntary movements when asleep while still allowing for full range of movement

  • Hand-crafted for the highest quality with individual pockets inside the sleeves for even weight distribution

  • Can also be used as a regular footie for the day and night with our weighted sleeves removed and Mitten Sleeves attached!

  • Non-toxic silicone dots on the feet for grippiness

  • The perfect option for little ones who love to sleep and play

  • Enhances quality of sleep as baby transitions out of the swaddle and into the crib


Comes with additional pair of our Mitten Sleeves!


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We love it!

"Our baby started rolling pretty early so we were forced to stop swaddling. But that Moro reflex was still strong and led to a lot of disturbed sleep for our little one. This is perfect for our baby as it stops the startle reflex and allows everyone to get restful sleep. We’re even purchasing another to use at daycare! We highly recommend this! We love it!"

-Kylie D.
Verified Buyer
Win, win for all of us!

My 3 month old hated to be swaddled and always broke free of every kind we tried. We wanted to try and transition him out of it, and we tried so many different products and none worked as well as the Swaddle Sleeves Sack! The weighted arms helped with his startle reflex and he still could have his arms free. Win, win for all of us! Day 2 it only took 5 minutes for him to put himself to sleep! I am one happy and proud mama! Thank you for a great product and coming to our rescue--just wish I would have found this sooner!"

-Jennifer B.
Verified Buyer
Mama LOVES her sleep!

"I had significant anxiety about transitioning my swaddling-loving 4 month old. I bought every type of swaddle and transitional item on the market (Mama LOVES her sleep!) and this was the one that did it and had him sleeping soundlessly through the night after two days."

-Jacqueline H.
Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
One happy Mama….and Baby☺️

Such an amazing product! I found it online in the middle of the night, sleep deprived and desperate! It was shipped right away and arrived to Canada in just 4 days! And I am one happy Mama! The first night my daughter slept in her bassinet, the whole night ( which was a first) and I was able to get some sleep! I love the option of the footsie as my daughter sleeps on her side and doesn’t like being constricted in a sleep sack. The weighted arms are just perfect and stops her startle reflex from waking her up! And love that they can be removed so easily with the zipper without waking the baby and she then continues to stay snuggly and warm in the suit. Thank you so much for your great customer service and amazing product!

Took a few days...

Took a few days for my bubs to adjust, but I think this is going to be the winner for us!

Super cool sleeper for swaddle transitioning

My little one loves being swaddled so I was unsure of this product at first. But he was starting to try and roll over so I tried the swaddle sleeves out. It took him a couple tries at nap time to get used to not being swaddled down but after a bit, the weighted sleeves kept his arms down when his startle reflex hit and he was able to rest peacefully.

These are amazing! We...

These are amazing! We just started using them on our 14 week twins who are starting to break out of their swaddle and they have been sleeping soundly!

Game Changer!!

Love this set! We were so nervous to transition our daughter from being swaddled. She was sleeping 7-8 hours a night in her weighted sleep sack and we thought for sure she would regress when we tried to unswaddle her. Not with the Two Baby Bear swaddle arms. She regressed for about a week but nothing major. Then started sleeping 10-13 hours straight a night! We owe it all to the weighted arms. Now she is 4 months and sleeping like a champ!! When we first ordered our footie pajamas swaddle arms there was a minor defect in our zipper. I contacted the company and within hours they had a new pair sent to me! I was blown away with the customer service. I recommend this company and this product to all parents!

Worth every penny!!!

I can’t stop talking about these pajamas with all of my friends who have babies! A bit pricier than normal, but so so worth it!! I love that I can use this at home or while we’re out. And my little Ash loves being swaddled, so the weighted sleeves work perfectly. He would cry so much in the car seat if we were out during his nap time. With this footie, he falls asleep in no time and takes an hour long nap! And at home, we use this in the crib at nighttime sometimes with a sleep sack and something without, but he sleeps for 12 hours straight now!! It’s a miracle. We bought 3 to make sure we always have one on rotation!!!

Love these!!

Loved these!! They were the perfect option to help my little man sleep better.

Love it!

My little guy has loved this! He seems so cozy in it, I wish I could get one in my size.