Swaddle Sleeves Footie™ & Mitten Sleeves Set

Get your sleep back on with the magic of the Swaddle Sleeves Footie™

Our gently-weighted sleeves are perfectly calibrated to soothe your baby’s startles for longer and better sleep, all night long!

  • The ultimate Footie PJs with our signature gently-weighted sleeves attachment; patent pending

  • Sleeves are only lightly weighted with optional mitten cuff, just enough to soothe baby's involuntary movements when asleep while still allowing for full range of movement

  • Hand-crafted for the highest quality with individual pockets inside the sleeves for even weight distribution

  • Can also be used as a regular footie for the day and night with our weighted sleeves removed and Mitten Sleeves attached!

  • Non-toxic silicone dots on the feet for grippiness

  • The perfect option for little ones who love to sleep and play

  • Enhances quality of sleep as baby transitions out of the swaddle and into the crib


Comes with additional pair of our Mitten Sleeves!


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Must, Must, Must Have!

"WOW, I can’t say enough good things about these! I had to WAKE HER UP from her SECOND two hour nap of the day yesterday! She also slept through the night last night and is currently sleeping through her normal 2am wake up. I don’t even need to rock her anymore, she falls asleep by the time I leave the room! These are a MUST MUST MUST have!

-Chelsea S.
Verified Buyer
Highly Recommend

As a first time mom trying to navigate baby sleep (so that I could get some, too), the Swaddle Sleeves were a lifesaver for me! The only way my son could sleep before was being tightly swaddled, so I dreaded the day that we had to transition out of it. The Swaddle Sleeves made that transition seamless & painless, for me & him! HIGHLY recommend the sleeves to every parent!!

-Kelsey K.
Verified Buyer
Awesome Product!

"My son started sleeping 6+ hours every night as soon as I started using these on him at 4 weeks old and that soon encouraged him to start sleeping 11+ hours!! He could still move his arms with them on, they just kept him for doing the jerk reflex babies do. Awesome product I truly believe in!"

-Chelsea, Mom of Sutton
Verified Buyer