Swaddle Sleeves Bodysuit™ & Mitten Sleeves Set


Get your sleep back on with the magic of the Swaddle Sleeves Bodysuit™

As a baby sleep expert, neonatal nurse, and mom of 4, I recommend Swaddle Sleeves as a fantastic transitional product for babies!”    

-Cara of Taking Cara Babies

  • The ultimate Bodysuit with our signature gently-weighted sleeves attachment; patent pending

  • Sleeves are only lightly weighted with optional mitten cuff, just enough to soothe baby's involuntary movements when asleep while still allowing for full range of movement

  • Hand-crafted for the highest quality with individual pockets inside the sleeves for even weight distribution

  • Can also be used as a regular bodysuit for the day and night with our weighted sleeves removed or Mitten Sleeves attached!

  • Keeps legs free and encourages full range hip movement while reducing the risk of overheating

  • The perfect option for little ones who love to sleep and play

  • Enhances quality of sleep as baby transitions out of the swaddle and into the crib

Comes with additional pair of our Mitten Sleeves!

We love it!

"Our baby started rolling pretty early so we were forced to stop swaddling. But that Moro reflex was still strong and led to a lot of disturbed sleep for our little one. This is perfect for our baby as it stops the startle reflex and allows everyone to get restful sleep. We’re even purchasing another to use at daycare! We highly recommend this! We love it!"

-Kylie D.
Verified Buyer
Win, win for all of us!

My 3 month old hated to be swaddled and always broke free of every kind we tried. We wanted to try and transition him out of it, and we tried so many different products and none worked as well as the Swaddle Sleeves Sack! The weighted arms helped with his startle reflex and he still could have his arms free. Win, win for all of us! Day 2 it only took 5 minutes for him to put himself to sleep! I am one happy and proud mama! Thank you for a great product and coming to our rescue--just wish I would have found this sooner!"

-Jennifer B.
Verified Buyer
Mama LOVES her sleep!

"I had significant anxiety about transitioning my swaddling-loving 4 month old. I bought every type of swaddle and transitional item on the market (Mama LOVES her sleep!) and this was the one that did it and had him sleeping soundlessly through the night after two days."

-Jacqueline H.
Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Erin Kiger
Perfect Transition

My LO had arms that never stopped. When he started breaking out of his swaddle I spent so much $ on everything I could think of…then I found Swaddle Sleeves. I wish I had found them sooner. They provided the perfect balance of freedom and control for his arms.

Lexi Stout
Great quality!

The quality is great and we are excited to keep using it. I think it’s going to help nap time be more successful!

Diana Alonso
Love them!

I bought my baby a Swaddle Sleeves Bodysuit & Mitten Sleeves Set, and we are slowly getting her to have her arms out of the swaddle since she is rolling! The sleeves have been very helpful in the transition! She is still able to self-soothe too :)

Linda H.

Baby boy started breaking out of the swaddle around 10 weeks and still waking himself up jerking his arms. I found Swaddle Sleeves and it has helped so much! He calms down right away after I put it on him and he is staying asleep for longer stretches.

My son was not a fan :(

My son was not a fan. Used it after he no longer liked the swaddle. Paired it with a sleep sack. I would put him down asleep and in 10 min he was up crying. We went through this process his first night using the product over and over again. I tried again the next night and the same thing happened twice. I finally gave up and went back to a regular onsie and sleep sack even though he still had a bit of a startle reflex ( this is why I initially bought it) For my son, I think the weighted sleeves frustrated him and maybe were just uncomfortable and bulky. He’s three months and he is an active one. If your baby enjoys their freedom, likes the space of their crib and enjoys being comfortable and free this proab is not for them. Oh well I tired !!

We loved this for...

We loved this for our 3 month old! She hated being restricted/swaddled but kept whacking herself in the face over and over again while asleep, leading her (and me!) to wake up fussy multiple times throughout the night. I chose this swaddle sleeves specifically because it’s already so hot where we are! I paired this bodysuit with a sleep sack I already had and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! The first night she slept 8 hours straight. I loved the weighted sleeves and the attached mitten cuffs too. Such an awesome product!

Game changer!

These sleeves are amazing! My son sleeps so well with them and now that he is getting older (6 months), we’re using them to transition him to just a sleep sack. The company is SO responsive and helpful.

Meghan S
Swaddle Sleeves was a...

Swaddle Sleeves was a LIFESAVER during baby boy’s transition. He started rolling over IN his swaddle so we had to ditch it, but he still wasn’t strong enough to get comfy in any position besides his back. Swaddle Sleeves helped calm his startle reflex while he explored his new freedom, perfected thumb-sucking to soothe, and built up the strength to find a position he liked. Unswaddling is such a tricky time for both baby and parents, but Swaddle Sleeves helped us through it.