Half-Up Sleeves Pod™


Fantastic transitional product!

"As a baby sleep expert, neonatal nurse, and mom of 4, I recommend Swaddle Sleeves as a fantastic transitional product for babies."

-Cara, Taking Cara Babies

Highly recommend!

“As a pediatrician and a mother of two boys who had sleep issues, I highly recommend this product. [It] is wonderful to help with that transition and prevent awakening from normal reflexes. Swaddle Sleeves will help give everyone a good night's sleep!”

-Navneet Brar, Pediatric Emergency Medicine MD

Awesome product!

"My son started sleeping 6+ hours every night as soon as I started using these on him at 4 weeks old and that soon encouraged him to start sleeping 11+ hours!! They just kept him for doing the jerk reflex babies do. Awesome product I truly believe in!"

-Chelsea S., Customer

Customer Reviews

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Perfect baby product

We finally found an all-in-one baby sleep product that does EVERYTHING! I had tried almost every swaddle and sleep sack on the market with my oldest, each offering something completely different. With my second baby, these have given us everything that I've been looking for for the different stages of baby sleep, in one item. My newborn loved to be swaddled, and when it came time to start swaddling with arms out I didn't have to switch products or order something new. When she's ready for just a sleep sack, I can take the arms right off and still use the pod that she loves. No adjustment period, no switching between products and no additional purchases. It's all right here, and she's secure, safe and sleeping GREAT. Thank you for not only a great night's sleep, but the SIMPLICITY of having everything we need all in one package.