Swaddle Sleeves Pod™


Fantastic transitional product!

"As a baby sleep expert, neonatal nurse, and mom of 4, I recommend Swaddle Sleeves as a fantastic transitional product for babies."

-Cara, Taking Cara Babies

Highly recommend!

“As a pediatrician and a mother of two boys who had sleep issues, I highly recommend this product. [It] is wonderful to help with that transition and prevent awakening from normal reflexes. Swaddle Sleeves will help give everyone a good night's sleep!”

-Navneet Brar, Pediatric Emergency Medicine MD

Awesome product!

"My son started sleeping 6+ hours every night as soon as I started using these on him at 4 weeks old and that soon encouraged him to start sleeping 11+ hours!! They just kept him for doing the jerk reflex babies do. Awesome product I truly believe in!"

-Chelsea S., Customer

How do Swaddle Sleeves work?

By using a strategic layering technique in our sleeves, we have created the same effect of dampening babies’ startles as they transition out of the swaddle that you’re used to with our products, but WITHOUT adding ANY weighting or restrictive design. The dampening effect is created through the air pockets in our inner polyfill layer. Similar to what’s found inside a higher TOG wearable blanket, our padded Swaddle Sleeves do not restrict movement, but do provide just an extra bit of reassurance to your little one as they transition out of the swaddle. Another way to understand our proprietary layering method would be to imagine the padded Swaddle Sleeves as being made of the same material of a wearable blanket with a higher TOG (thermal overall grade) rating, whereas our Mitten Sleeves would be classified as having a lower TOG rating, but without any added restriction in sewing or design. 

This item is not intended to keep baby on their back or to prevent baby from moving their arms. This item does not “weigh” baby down, so please don’t be discouraged when baby can still engage in developmentally appropriate movements and rolling over. Any item that "pins" baby down in a certain position is not a safe item to use for sleep. Swaddle Sleeves are only meant to provide your baby with a gentle buffer as they transition out of the swaddle. Safety is and will always be #1 for us. 

Are all of the sleeves interchangeable?

Yes, all of our sleeves are interchangeable. For example, let’s say you purchase the Swaddle Sleeves Sack. With it, you get 2 sets of sleeves, our Swaddle Sleeves and Mitten Sleeves. You can use either one (most parents prefer to start off with our Swaddle Sleeves and then transition over to the Mitten Sleeves!), or you can also purchase our Add-On Star Sleeves, for example, if for some reason your sweet baby isn’t taking to the Swaddle Sleeves, without having to purchase a whole new product! As we grow, we’ll be offering bundle options for our sleeves, but currently, we only have our Add-On Sleeves as a purchase option so you can mix and match without having to buy a whole new product!

Are these products safe for sleep?

Our products have been designed according to the AAP’s (American Academy of Pediatrics) guidelines for safe sleep. Not only have we undergone certified third-party laboratory testing and surpassed the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards, we also partnered with pediatric physical therapists, pediatric nurses, and pediatricians throughout our development and design process to ensure that you and your baby are getting the safest, most effective swaddle product possible. Our products have been approved by global-wide safety standards and verified through Intertek and SGS Testing, both of which are world-leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

At Two Baby Bears and Co., you can rest assured that we will always put safety first, as evidenced by the immediate disposal of our weighted inventory (at a huge financial loss to the company’s detriment) as soon as the updated AAP safe sleep guidelines were released in June 2022. We believe that transparency matters, and our relationship with our parents and customers is of utmost importance to us.

Why are all of the sleeves zippered and removable?

Because as parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is to buy a product and have it just not work for your baby, and then be stuck with it! That is why we provide two different sets of sleeves with our Swaddle Sleeves products and also give you the option of removing the sleeves entirely so that 1) in case the product doesn’t work out for your baby, you can still use it as a standard sleep sack/bodysuit/pajamas, and 2) to give you and your baby multiple options of how to use our product in case your baby doesn’t like it one way. This is also why we sell our “Add-on Sleeves,” and 3) for longevity of use! It’s no fun when you can only use a product for a set amount of time and once that time is over, throw it in the dresser drawer never to be seen again. We want you to get the most use out of our products and be able to use them long after you’re done with the swaddle transitioning stage! 

How do I wash these?

We know laundry is an important part of any household with little ones, so we wanted to make sure washing the Swaddle Sleeves™ was as easy as possible: Make sure sleeves are attached. Wash on the normal cycle in cold water with a mild, baby-safe detergent, and tumble dry on a low-heat setting. Finally, dress your baby in their Swaddle Sleeves for a one-stop ticket to dreamland.

Are sleep sacks with sleeves safe?

Sleep sacks or wearable blankets with sleeves are safe as long as the infant is dressed appropriately for the temperature. We recommend that parents follow the AAP's guidelines for a safe and comfortable room temperature. The recommended temperature for babies is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Experts recommend to check the back of baby's neck to see if your little one is warm instead of their hands or feet for a more accurate reading. Another helpful measure for temperature is to dress baby in just one more layer than what you are comfortable wearing. Finally, we have multiple sleeves options that come with an optional mitten cuff, so you have the option to leave the hands open or covered depending on your little one's comfort!

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Heather Lawless
Saved our sanity

My baby recently started to roll over so we had to stop swaddling her and it made putting her down in her crib impossible because her little arms would flail and wake her. We tried EVERYTHING I spent SO much money on different arms out swaddles and sleep sacks. The baby Merlin one was the worst. We live in Arizona where it's very hot and needed something light on her body that still held her arms pretty decently still. Thank god we found this swaddle! The extra hug from the inside pod helps her feel secure. The first night she wore it she slept 6 hours straight! It's so light we don't feel like it's too warm. We love it

Kacie B.
Totally worth it!

We tried just dropping the swaddle cold turkey at 3 months because our baby was breaking out of it and waking himself up anyways. We were up every 3 hours so I ended up buying this in the middle of the night out of desperation and it works perfectly!! He fusses getting it on because we’re not very graceful getting his arms into the sleeves, but he sleeps just as well in this as he did when he was swaddled!! Life saver!

Didn’t have a transitional period

This may be the best product out there for sleep. I was able to put my 3 month old down awake and she put herself right to sleep with no tears or pacifier and has slept through the night since we’ve had it. Up until we received the swaddle sleeves she has been swaddled with her arms down but kept escaping and waking herself. We didn’t have to transition her to one arm out a time. She took right to it.

Love it so far

The material is so soft and stretchy. And the sleeves seem very breathable and comfortable. I just got the product today and she put herself right to sleep as soon as I swaddled her for her nap. And that was a miracle. It’s escape proof and that has been a big struggle with her other swaddles. Im hoping the sleeves make the transition to arms out seamless. I’m very excited to have happened upon this small company.


My daughter loved this product right away. As soon as I put it on her she fell asleep in minutes. It has completely taken out those horrible nights of sleep. And while it is not a total cure of the Moro reflex it does muffle it so my daughter isn’t flopping back and forth all night. (Also, my daughter does not sleep in my bed, it is just showing an example of how she easily sleeps anywhere in her swaddle sleeves)

Jill Tracy
It’s gotten us an extra hour!

We love the “marshmallow” arms as we call it. Baby loves it too and we haven’t consistently seen and extra hour of sleep which is obviously the best part!

A Great Transition!

Swaddle Sleeves are a great transition product. We had to find something new for our newborn to sleep in at 8 weeks because he was showing signs of rolling and was strong enough for his arms to escape his swaddle during long stretches of sleep at night, so his startle reflex was waking him and us up frequently. The swaddle sleeves weren’t a magic cure, but he seems so much more comfortable being contained in the sleep sack and swaddle sleeves, and he’s able to put himself to sleep much, much easier than before. He still has a strong startle reflex, but the sleeves are successful in dampening the reflex just enough to not fully wake him each time. Mom’s, dad’s, and baby’s sleep has greatly improved!

Katie Pollock
Great swaddle transition product for my small baby

My daughter is 20th percentile for height and weight and isn’t big enough to use the swaddle transition product we used for her older brother (magic merlin sleep suit). She still had a strong Moro reflex at 8 weeks and I wanted something that could cushion and stabilize her arms when we transitioned her out of her swaddle. This product was perfect for us! It fits my currently 9-10ish lb baby perfectly and she continued sleeping well in this when we moved her out of her swaddle, she’s been using it for almost 3 weeks now and we’re very happy with it.

Kayla Squier
AMAZING Product!!

This product has it all! As a Registered Nurse and Certified Sleep Consultant, I am always in search of top products to help aid our little ones in the sleep department. Many of us hear the important of swaddling our babies yet not all babies do well with traditional swaddles of arms down. This is a product that is designed for the more natural position many babies prefer (arms out or by their face for soothing). My little one did her longest stretch of sleep once we used this swaddle vs the transitional options. I am in love and highly recommend this product.

Erica W
Best transition swaddle!

After trying several “transition” products for my little guy showing signs of rolling, I was left frustrated and in the same spot (swaddling my baby). This is the BEST transition product we have ever used! With the first use my first little guy took a 1.5 hour nap and slept better than in his swaddle! Gone are the days of him breaking out of the swaddle or getting frustrated by not having his arms.. swaddle sleeves is the BEST ! Don’t hesitate to try it especially if you have tried everything else and nothing worked!