One of the most common complaints I get from parents is that their infants do not like to be swaddled.  If you start swaddling from Day One, your baby is more likely to take to the swaddle. Just like adults, infants have different sleeping preferences as well. The premise of a swaddle is to ensure baby feels safe and secure. It also serves as a buffer against the startle reflex. So what do you do if your baby is still resisting a traditional arms down swaddle? Fear not! The Swaddle Sleeves Pod is the perfect tool for all types of sleepers.  

The Swaddle Sleeves Pod can be used for babies who prefer to sleep with their arms up or down. It is also the perfect transition swaddle! Allow me to explain-- The Swaddle Sleeves Pod can be used to swaddle arms down with inner fabric pieces that keep the arms snug and secure. It is then zipped up to ensure the swaddle remains intact.  

For babies that prefer to sleep with their arms up, the Swaddle Sleeves Pod comes with lightly weighted sleeves. These sleeves allow your baby to lift her arms while still muffling the startle reflex for better sleep.

When your baby begins to show signs of rolling, swaddling with arms down is no longer safe as your baby needs his arms free to safely roll. This typically occurs around three months of age, but can happen earlier.  Many babies still have a strong startle reflex at this time so they continue to startle themselves awake, and thus cause frequent night wakings. The Swaddle Sleeves Pod works perfectly in this situation as the gently-weighted sleeves allow for arm movement while simultaneously reducing the impact of the startle reflex. 

The Swaddle Sleeves Pod is also the perfect transition swaddle because the gently-weighted sleeves are removable. This is absolutely genius!  You can remove one weighted sleeve at a time until your little one is ready for complete arms-free sleep. At that point, you can use the Pod as a normal wearable blanket. If your baby still has a strong startle reflex and needs more help, you can use a transitional swaddle such as the Swaddle Sleeves Sack at that point, which comes with two types of sleeves' options-- the gently-weighted sleeves and the Mitten Sleeves.

As you can see, Swaddle Sleeves Pod is the perfect swaddle for any baby and it would make the perfect gift for expecting parents.  Regardless of their infant’s sleep preferences, this swaddle has them covered!  

_________________________________________________________________________Author: Sarah Pashniak is a certified pediatric sleep coach and the founder of Pashionate About Sleep.  She has a university degree in early childhood education with a major in psychology.  She is also a busy mom to twin boys age 5 and a two year old daughter.

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