Sleeves Explained

Do you want a more detailed explanation of all the different sleeves and why they all exist? We gotchu! Here are all the deets! We’re nothing if not thorough! 

How do Swaddle Sleeves™ work?

By using a strategic layering technique in our sleeves, we have created the same effect of dampening babies’ startles as they transition out of the swaddle that you’re used to with our products, but WITHOUT adding ANY weighting or restrictive design. These sleeves are for babies with a strong startle reflex. The dampening effect is created through the air pockets in our inner polyfill layer. Similar to what’s found inside a higher TOG wearable blanket, our padded Swaddle Sleeves do not restrict movement, but do provide just an extra bit of reassurance to your little one as they transition out of the swaddle. Another way to understand our proprietary layering method would be to imagine the padded Swaddle Sleeves as being made of the same material of a wearable blanket with a higher TOG (thermal overall grade) rating, whereas our Mitten Sleeves would be classified as having a lower TOG rating, but without any added restriction in sewing or design. Sleep safety will always, always be #1 at Two Baby Bears and Co.

If you’re looking for something that will keep your baby on their back, this isn’t the product. Our products are not designed to keep baby on their back after they know how to roll over. The sleeves are also not designed to keep your baby’s arms “pinned down” with weight. Please know that Swaddle Sleeves will only be easing the transition from the swaddle, and there might still be a brief, disruptive transitory period as your baby goes through the process of adjusting to arms-out sleep.

What are the Star Sleeves™?

The Star Sleeves™ are a part of our Swaddle Transition Sleeves™ collection and are known for their tapered, rounded edges that provide gentle resistance, just enough to soothe baby's involuntary movements when asleep while still allowing for full range of movement for safety. They are characterized as being closed sleeve with a light "pull" at the center for gentle, built-in resistance to dampen baby's startles to ease the transition out of the swaddle and beyond. These extra long, wide sleeves are perfect for babies who are showing signs of rolling over and allow babies to safely roll over back and forth as desired. These sleeves are for babies with a mild startle reflex.

What are the Half-Up Sleeves™?

Our Half-Up Sleeves are part of our Swaddle Transition Sleeves Collection and are for babies who love to sleep with their arms UP. These sleeves are also perfect for those babies who like to self soothe with their hands, and are designed to be a bit shorter to provide natural resistance when the mitten cuff is closed. These sleeves are for babies with a medium startle reflex.

What are the Mitten Sleeves™?

Our Mitten Sleeves (included in our Beyond the Transition Sleeves Collection) have an optional mitten cuff, and you are able to continue using with hands covered or uncovered according to your baby’s preference. These are a natural transition out of the Swaddle Sleeves once your baby has successfully transitioned out of the swaddle. These sleeves are usually included with your Swaddle Sleeves’ purchase and are available to purchase separately as Add-On Sleeves as well.

Why do you have so many different body types and sleeve types?

We wanted to make sure we have each and every baby covered! One of the biggest problems our founder and mom of 6, Umma, had when transitioning her babies out of the swaddle was the lack of versatility in the swaddle transition products that existed on the market. We wanted to make sure we addressed every possible pain point that parents might have ranging from potential overheating concerns, to a baby not preferring a certain type of product, to a baby with hip dysplasia. Whatever your concern is, you can rest assured that we’ve thought of it. And if we haven’t, shoot us an email at, and we’ll be sure to forward it to our Innovations’ Team!