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Ahhh! You’re pregnant again, and you have no idea whether to be more excited or terrified about what’s to come. Pregnancy fatigue is real, and with a toddler in the picture, you’ve definitely got your hands full—literally and figuratively. Gone are those leisurely days where you would be able to nap during the day or after work. We’ve got your back, though. Read on to see how you can rock your pregnancy with a toddler in tow:

Rest when you can:

We know that sleep doesn’t come by easily, and sometimes, you just can’t sleep even you have the opportunity to do so. Whether it’s because of those hormones or aches and pains, if you aren’t able to sleep but still have some time to yourself, lie down for a few minutes on the couch, or sit on a pillow to give your body a chance to relax if you’re playing with your little one on the floor.

Foster independent play:

Research shows that independent play is good for babies’ growth since it can help to develop their creative and imaginative skills and teach them how to interact with the world around them. If your toddler is one who needs your constant presence and involvement in their play, try to slowly develop a healthy distance. To start gradually, you may, for example, begin with sitting your toddler in their high chair with crayons and paper while you work on your laptop on the dining table right next to them. Soon enough, you may even start seeing your toddler grab a book and sit down to “read” all by themselves!

Take time for self-care:

You and your body are doing so much right now, mama, and you deserve all the care in the world, so make sure you carve out time for some TLC. Whether its going out for an early dinner with friends or soaking in that bubble bath with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, you do what makes you happy and feel pampered.

Get your toddler involved:

It’s the most joyous thing in the world to be able to experience pregnancy from the eyes of your toddler and to hear all the adorable (and hilarious!) things your baby has to say about their sibling-to-be. Make a fun game out of it! See what sorts of fun names you guys can come up with, or ask your toddler what’s the thing they most want to do with their baby brother/sister. This is also a great time to teach your toddler about gentle touch. It will definitely come in handy once the baby is here!

Accept help from others:

Whether it's hiring a cleaning service once a month or dropping off your toddler with a babysitter or the grandparents for a couple of hours every week, remember to take help if you need it. We all need our village, and especially so during pregnancy.

Take it easy and give yourself kudos:

Pregnancy is hard, and it’s okay if certain things have to take a backseat, even if it is your toddler’s potty training, for example. Your baby won’t go to college in diapers, we promise! Let the less important things go, and give yourself a pat on the back for all that you are doing. We’re proud of you, mama!


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