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It’s no secret that babies thrive on a set routine, just like we do as adults. For babies, a daily routine before bedtime is a great way of helping them develop sleep associations and cues that lead to a sweeter, longer stretch of nighttime sleep. Establishing a comforting, soothing routine will help your baby relax before it’s bedtime. During this time, avoid doing activities that may over stimulate your child; instead; go for activities that are calming and quiet in nature, such as a warm bath or reading books. We asked our readers to submit their sleep time routines for their little ones, and below is a list of some of our favorites:

We do a nice, warm bath, diaper change, bottle and cuddle, then lay him in his crib drowsy but awake. This is usually about a 45-minute process depending on how sleepy he is. Depending on how tired he is or isn’t, I will make bath time and cuddles last longer to tire him out. But because we’ve been consistent in his routine for the last few weeks, he goes down like a dream and falls asleep without any fuss. 

–Alyssa, mom of K.

We do a diaper change, jammies, and bedtime lotion if it’s not bath night, breast, and then cuddle until she falls asleep. She’s only 7 weeks old, but I do want to start including a book soon!  

–Brooke, mom of S.

Warm bath, fresh diaper and PJs, books, lullabies while feeding him. Once he’s done eating, I will turn on the white noise, kiss him on the nose and put him in the crib. He’s usually out within five minutes. 

–Stephan, dad of A.

My baby is only 4 months, so after my husband and I have dinner, he’s in charge of bedtime usually. They do bath time, diaper and jammies, story time, feeding, white noise, Swaddle Sleeves, lights out, and in the crib. Baby usually babbles for 10 minutes and then goes to sleep for 6 hours before waking up to feed. 

–Sam, mom of L.

For my 12 month old, we go upstairs, close blinds, turn on white noise machine, change diaper, lotion, sleep sack, breastfeed, brush teeth, kiss, and into the crib. It’s great. She goes down easily because she knows what to expect, and I get some downtime before going to sleep for the night! 

–Mona, mom of D.

Share with us! What’s your bedtime routine for your little one(s)? How has it changed since your baby was a newborn?

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